Best Places to Visit on a UK Touring Holiday in the South


While many tourists and locals would visit the most popular places in the UK like London, there are many more beautiful places and attractions that the country has to offer, and some of them can be found in the southern portion of the UK. If you live in the UK but have not yet traveled to the south, then it is best that you explore the wonders found in that particular area and see what you’ve been missing out on despite living in the country. Here are several places that you can visit in the south during the holiday by going on in a great road trip in a vehicle from Campervan Hire UK.


One of the largest cities in Southern UK, Southampton is mostly known for its amazing ports and docks where you can take Instagram-worthy photos and videos. Southampton is also infamous for being the start of the Titanic’s voyage that was supposed to end in New York City, and to honor the tragedy that happened to the said ship, people at Southampton created the Titanic Trail that would lead tourists to places that were visited by those who were on the ship.  Be sure to show your pride by checking out Royal navy veteran clothing UK for some great outfits to wear.

Along with the Titanic Trail, Southampton is also home to the SeaCity Museum, which presents the history of the city and the different marine life and vehicles that were present throughout Southampton’s existence. Other historical buildings or locations in Southampton are the Medieval Merchant’s House that showcases how merchants in the 14th century sold goods, and the Tudor House & Garden where royalties stayed during their vacation in South UK.


the Salisbury Cathedral

A city that looks like it is stuck in medieval times, Salisbury is a gorgeous place that people can visit in South UK. Without searching for popular landmarks, the houses in Salisbury are already interesting enough for you to capture photos and memories with them in the background. But of course, if you are already in Salisbury, you must take a look at the famous buildings or places in it.

The most recognizable building in the area is the Salisbury Cathedral, which has one of the oldest working clocks in the UK that was built in 1386. Besides the clock, the Salisbury Cathedral has an interesting spire where you can climb more than 300 steps to reach the platform at the top. Once you are at the platform, you will get a better view of the cathedral’s stunning interior. Another place that you can visit in Salisbury is Medieval Town, where several old establishments are still operating.


the Great Hall at Oxford

Oxford is where the oldest university in the UK, University of Oxford, is located. Because of its distinct and magical look, several houses and schools in Oxford have been used as sets for filming the Harry Potter movie franchise. In addition to the University of Oxford, there are also other iconic schools and libraries to look for around Oxford, as it is the center of education in the country.

However, you don’t need to be enrolled or admitted to some schools for you to see their wonderful rooms and halls. A few of the beautiful schools that you can visit are the Divinity School, which was used as the Infirmary of Hogwarts in Harry Potter, and the Christ Church College, where the Great Hall seen in Hogwarts is located. The Christ Church College is also notable for having Lewis Carroll, who is mostly known as the author of Alice in Wonderland, as a student and alumni. In terms of libraries, Oxford has the Bodleian Library and the Radcliffe Camera, which was built in the 1700s and is considered the oldest round library in the country.


Clifton Suspension Bridge

Also located in the southwest of England, Bristol is a relatively quiet city filled with beautiful sights and sceneries. Placed on the popular Dockland Museum of Bristol is the SS Great Britain, a ship designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. You will be able to explore the different rooms and halls inside the ship, and you will also see the other works of Brunel in the ship or within the museum.

The most iconic infrastructure in Bristol is the Clifton Suspension Bridge, which was also designed by Brunel and is connecting the small city to North Somerset. You can go for a hike or trek on the hills near the bridge to get a better view of the infrastructure, and you may also see and take pictures of the river below the bridge. Another popular attraction in the city is the street artworks created by Banksy, an anonymous artist who is believed to be living around Bristol.


Spinnaker Tower

Portsmouth is a town where most the Royal Navy is situated, but despite the presence of military forces in the area, the town is considered one of the best locations for tourists to go to in the UK. The town is the birthplace of another famous author, and this time it is Charles Dickens. Portsmouth is also the hometown of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who designed the amazing landmarks in Bristol.

To know more about Charles Dickens, the people of Portsmouth created the Charles Dicken Museum that is situated in the house where the author lived. In the house, you will find items and several pieces of furniture that were used by Dickens, and included in those pieces is the infamous couch where the author died. In just a few walks outside the museum, you will find the Portsmouth dock that has docked ships that are turned into exhibits, such as the HMS Warrior and the HMS Victory. The most modern-looking building in the town is the Spinnaker Tower, where you can take a better view of Portsmouth by getting up to the third floor of the building.


the Winchester Cathedral

If you travel about 70 miles to the southwest of London, you will reach Winchester, a small city that was once declared as the capital of England in 871. Because of the respect that its people have for its rich history, you can find several old-but-stunning locations around Winchester that have been preserved so that visitors will be able to see these buildings or areas that made the city what it is today.

Some of the amazing infrastructures or buildings in Winchester include the Winchester Cathedral, where you can see the historical Winchester Bible as well as the grave of classic author Jane Austen, the Winchester College, which is home to the great College Treasury that houses important pieces of art, and the Great Hall, the only building in the destroyed Winchester Castle that is currently standing.

These are just six of the most beautiful and wonderful locations that you can see and visit in the southern portion of the UK. You may be able to reach these places by backpacking, or you can sign up for a tour around the south.

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