Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas in 2021


It’s 2021, and things have changed significantly. The recent COVID-19 outbreak, for example, has affected the way potential home buyers think: real estate marketing trends have taken a newer dimension as a result. We’ll be taking a look at unique real estate marketing ideas for 2021.

While most of the ideas that will subsequently be revealed here have been used in previous years, more will be said about adapting these strategies for real estate marketing during COVID. More at Luxury real estate marketing ideas – Tim Stout And Associates

We’ll now quickly take a look at 6 real estate marketing ideas for 2021 that are currently breaking ground in 2021, and we hope you’ll find them useful. You can also visit the link and ask for assistance from the best real estate marketing agency.

1. Utilize Virtual Tour Tools for Real Estate

Virtual home tours have always been a good real estate marketing strategy and in 2021? Even better. When thinking about real estate marketing ideas during COVID, Organizing virtual tours for properties should be prioritized. One significant change that came with COVID was the restrictions placed on movement — these restrictions, however, did not make individuals entirely miserable.

We saw how new interactive tools such as Zoom sprang up, significantly reducing the need for a physical presence on certain occasions.

Remember, creating virtual tours goes way beyond making simple videos of the property in question: it involves using virtual tour software dedicated to this purpose. Creating captivating virtual tours for your buyers gives you an edge over competitors and goes a long way in securing the client.

Virtual tours are made possible by Virtual Reality (VR); recreating, or rendering a building plan into 3-dimensional graphic images.

There’s hardly an experience better than a potential buyer having the ability to ‘feel’ every detail of the home without having to be there physically. It can be such a thrilling experience, a perfect real estate marketing idea in 2021.

2. Use Influencer Networks

The online presence of individuals — which includes your potential buyers — has significantly increased in recent months. Social media influencers have a huge follower base; these could be actors, local celebrities, or just individuals with a huge follower base. Influencers have revolutionized real estate marketing, and now’s a good time to join the bandwagon.

Matter-of-factly, it isn’t a bad idea at all to become a social media influencer yourself! It’s easier than you think.

In 2019, Forbes released a dead straight guide to becoming a social media influencer. To become one, you only need to take note of your niche (which is real estate in this case), start building relationships on your preferred social media platforms (Instagram is a good platform to consider for real estate), come up with a content strategy, and be consistent in building relationships and promoting yourself!

3. Strengthen Your Online Presence

The evolving real estate marketing landscape has upheld digital as the future. Strengthening your online presence includes the use of blogs, social media, and mailing lists. While the impact of blogs and social media in real estate marketing has always been known, the online presence of real estate services got even more powerful this 2021 that it became one of the home for sale trends you can no longer ignore due to recent developments.

A strong online presence as a real estate marketer comes with many good sides, which includes a wider local audience and potentially international audience/buyers. Remember that real estate marketing is not always a one-time thing. A good reason why you should have a strong online presence to maintain your relationship with past clients.

4. Online Advertising and Digital Marketing

Utilize Virtual Tour Tools for Real Estate

Online advertising has made life easy for real estate marketers. Sometimes, all that matters is finding the right platforms for running your Ads. Social media platforms and search engines have a unique way of targeting your potential buyers. For search engines, ads are about targeting certain keywords; social media Ads on the other hand utilizes user information to send potential buyers your way.

Digital marketing is one of the real estate marketing ideas in 2021 covering all online marketing efforts, from email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, to social media and blogging. Digital marketing for real estate involves creating user-friendly websites for listings, organizing virtual tours, running social media and pay-per-click ads, and blogs.

5. Re-target Your Audience

As mentioned earlier, online advertising is important in real estate marketing, however, most Realtors make the mistake of not re-targeting their audience when running Ads. For a fact, most buyers see Ads over and over before picking the offer. This is a very common phenomenon in advertising.

The central idea in Ad retargeting is running the same Ad and targeting the same audience. Customers can deliberate for months before they decide on a home –potential buyers may visit your website daily for weeks before deciding on a home –which makes setting up a website for your home listings is a good real estate plan for re-targeting your potential buyers.

6. Establish Good Relationship With Realtors Who Have Done Business in The Neighborhood

It is very important in the real estate business to establish contact with other Realtors who have done business in your neighborhood. Try to contact other agents who have, in the past, sold properties in your neighborhood. They likely have buyers who want exactly what you have to offer. It’s all about networking.

Take sideline buyers, for example; they do not actively seek homes on a daily basis, hence, they do not get to see everything available on the market. Establish a good relationship with other realtors with homes in the neighborhood, and get them to refer such sideline buyers to you.

Final Words

Real estate marketing ideas are pretty much the same in 2021, however, the focus has been recently shifted towards online marketing for good reasons. Although real estate businesses were not spared by the negative impact of COVID, realtors, instead of folding their arms, have evolved their marketing strategies to adapt to this Era.

At Tim Stout Team, all we do is to track, and provide you with all the useful tips and ideas to keep you going in this industry! And guess what? We’ve got more resources to help you whenever you need more help.

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