Best thrilling adventures and activities


Welcome to the essential guide to adrenaline-pumping or fear-inducing, heart- pounding adventurous activities of the globe! Below, you will find a list of the most famous thrilling adventures and activities around the world. If you’re a brave heart, add these fun trips to your list!


When it comes to thrilling activities, not many things beat the adrenaline rush felt as you jump from a flight and plummet into the air on a breath-taking free fall! But, you can indeed breathe again once your parachute unfolds and you get to admire the amazing views. For a beachside skydiving experience, you can try the Miami Tandem Skydive! Or you can visit the city of Sin from above by trying the Las Vegas Tandem Skydive. For another scene, you can try the Reef and Rainforest Tandem Sky Dive in Cairns or you can go for extreme skydive with tandem skydives of New Zealand.

Bunging Jumping

If you want to nose-dive into the air like a human yoyo, you can be sure that you will enjoy bungy jumping. Whether you prefer the death-defying plunge where your nose skips hitting the floor or a drop in the ocean, there are many locations which can help try out your bungying aspirations. The first place to offer bungee was The Original Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump in Queenstown, and you can still that plunge at 141 feet! Want something more? You can try The Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump which lets you take a plunge of 164 feet. But nothing can beat the Queenstown Nevis Highwire Bungy Jump which offers a 440 feet jump in thin air! But, if you are afraid of heights, but still want to enjoy an adventure, why not do it through an online slot? At Sugar Bingo Online, you can try a wide range of online slot games. The adventure themed slot games will surely get you that adrenaline rush, without any dangers! Who knows? You might even grab some wins!


We all must have used a tire as swing through the playground as kids. Well, ziplining is quite the same. . . with some makeovers. Nowadays, ziplines reach dizzying heights and you can zoom through air at quick speed, while you are attached to a safety harness. You can get the ultimate adrenaline rush on Bootleg Canyon Zipline Tour or you can admire the Hawaiian scenery on a Kipu Zipline Safari. Or you can nail the longest zipline North America on a Cancun Extreme Zipline Canopy Tour! For an exclusive zipline experience, you might want to zipline in the heart of the Puerto Rican rainforest on the Zipline Canopy Eco-Adventure from San Juan.

Around the world, there are other worthwhile adventures which you can seek! Looking to do awesome activities? Try Bridge Climbing at Brisbane Story Bridge Day and Night Climbs or surprise yourself by trying Exotic Car Driving and Racing at Race Car Drive-Along: Rookie Experience at Walt Disney World Speedway Orlando. Another activity you can try is Sandboarding at the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia

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