Best tips while washing your Fire resistant clothing


For any company or industry, Fire resistant clothing is a crucial part in their safety program. These clothings are used to protect the employees against any workplace burn injuries.

Now when you work in such a place that requires you to wear flame resistant clothing often, you would want to keep them clean and tidy. This is true when checking a furnace flame sensor to be sure it is lit.

Washing your flame resistant clothing in the proper way will keep them going for a long time. Visit this link to trendy and longer lasting flame resistant clothing.

In this article we will discuss some tips that will assist you in washing your flame resistant clothes in the right way.

1. Wash FR clothes separately

When you wash your flame resistant clothes, wash them separately to maintain their longevity and protect against damage.

When you wash flame resistant and non flame resistant clothes together, the FR ones lose their resistivity to flame. Also washing them separately ensures that they do not come in contact with chemicals from other garments and thus prevent contamination.

2. Turn the garments inside out while washing

While washing your FR clothes, turn them inside out so as to avoid wear and tear and abrasion. You don’t have to turn them inside out if you have gotten stains on it. You will need your clothes to be right side up to remove stains. In other cases turn them inside out to keep them in best condition.

3. Clean your FR clothes as soon as they get dirty

Don’t let your flame resistant clothes sit in dirt for a long time. Wash them as soon as you get a stain or dirt in them. If you spill any kind of pil, paints or flammable substance on your FR clothes, clean them immediately and get them washed as soon as you can otherwise your clothes will lose their flame resistant property.

4. Avoid over drying

Do not over dry your FR clothes. Take the clothes out as soon as they are no longer dry. Overdrying the flame resistant clothes can lead to shrinkage and hence reduce its usability.

5. Use a non bleach detergent

When washing your FR clothes, prevent using any kind of detergent with bleach. A liquid detergent is usually a good choice when it comes to washing FR clothing.

Detergents containing bleach as well as starch and fabric softeners can reduce the flame resistant capability of your detergent.

6. Use hot water and laundry detergent for removing grease stains

If you get a grease or dirt stain in your FR clothes than wash them with hot water and laundry detergent. Fill a tub with hot water and wet your clothes in it. Then rub some liquid detergent in the stained areas and let it sit in the water for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes rinse off the clothes. You can refer to your clothing label to know how much high temperature can you use for the wash.

7. Check whether your clothes are eligible for dry clean

In some cases, washing the clothes in hot water might not remove the strains. In such a situation check whether your clothes can be dry cleaned. If so than a dry cleaner might be able to remove the heavy stain from your clothes. In case of seriously damaged clothes, the best idea would be to throw them away. Non removable stains will disintegrate your garment’s finish and it is safer to throw them away then risk wearing them.

Final words

FR resistant clothings protects you from workplace fire injuries so it is important that you maintain them properly.

The above guidelines will assist you in washing your flame resistant clothing in the right way without causing any damage or reducing its usability.

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