Best Ways To Regrow Your Hair

Your hair is one of the most crucial factors contributing to your looks, and it is good if you want to make your hair better and healthy. There are many remedies for preventing hair loss and naturally promoting hair growth. These are proven to fix that receding hairline and get you back, thick, shiny and healthy hair. Some of these remedies are natural, and some are based on the latest developments in dermatology.


It is one of the most revolutionary technologies for hair regrowth in the contemporary world. Companies like Theradome make helmets with built-in lasers that stimulate hair growth. You simply have to wear them over your head, and the lasers will do the magic. Within weeks, you will start regrowing your lost hair, and hair loss will stop. 


Massaging the scalp with medicinal oils can stimulate hair growth. A healthy scalp is a key to good hair, and massaging your scalp increases blood flow and prevents hair loss. It is a proven remedy for those suffering from frequent hair loss. Massaging prevents hair loss and also reduces stress and tension, a severe cause of hair loss. Stretching forces during the massage promote hair growth and thickness in the dermal papilla cells.


Viviscal is an ingenious supplement that promotes hair growth in people with hair thinning. It consists of a marine complex Aminomar C, made of minerals, vitamins, and shark and mollusk powder. It strengthens the existing cells and regenerates new cells, hence promoting hair growth. Using it has worked wonders for people.


Onion juice is very beneficial for people suffering from patchy alopecia areata, as it is known to stimulate blood flow to the cuticles and increase in keratin levels. It may smell a little foul, but it can work wonders for you if you can withstand that. You can take the juice out of the onions by blending them and then apply it to your scalp; then, you can use your daily shampoo to rinse it off.


Yoga is unquestionably one of the best treatments for any ailment. The ancient and proven legacy of yoga is proof of how effective it can be. Many different yoga postures and breathing techniques have helped many people cure baldness and get naturally healthy and beautiful hair. Different yoga postures like the headstand, the thunderbolt pose, and the shoulder stand help increase the blood flow to the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.


 A balanced diet is necessary for the overall growth of the body. Hair is no different; the type of food you eat affects your hair; deficiency of some nutrients can also cause hair loss. Having a  good amount of protein in your diet is crucial for maintaining good hair. Biotin and zinc, if not present adequately in your diet, can cause hair loss. With the right kind of diet, hair loss can be reversed.


Stress is one of the most common reasons for many ailments in our body. In a phenomenon called telogen effluvium, stress causes the hair to move into the” resting” phase and then ultimately fall out of place. These patients typically develop hair thinning along  their temples over time. Managing stress is very important for the entire body and the hair too. It depends upon you to choose how to address your stress; it can be done by practicing yoga, meditation, or gym.


In today’s world, where everyone is trying to look good, healthy hair has become a vital part of our lives. There are a whole lot of options to choose from for people suffering from hair loss these days, be it yoga, massage, or something like wearing a laser hair cap by Theradome. It is up to you to decide how you want to fix your hair loss.