Boost your vocabulary with these essential Slots terms

Slot games are one of the most popular forms of casino gaming, with online casinos hosting a huge variety of unique games, and machines taking up an average of around 70% of a land-based casino’s floor space.

If you choose to play online Slots with Griffon Casino, or your other favourite casino site, then we’ve put together a list of essential Slots terminology to get you in the know. Read on to find out more.

Auto play

Auto play is a function some Slots have that allow you to spin the reels for a set amount of time, continuously.

Auto spin

Auto spin is similar to auto play. It allows you to set a number of spins that will be automatically spun during gameplay.


The bar symbol is a traditional slot game symbol, dating back to Fruit Machines.


Your bet is the amount you’ve wagered per spin. Most games will clarify the minimum bet requirement, as well as the maximum amount you’re able to bet.

Bonus feature

Bonus features are additional features that are rewarded throughout gameplay. A bonus feature could include free spins, expanding wilds and additional games, just to name a few.

Cascading reels

Cascading reels are also sometimes known as an avalanche slot. These games feature more than one payline.


Coins or credits are the terms used to describe the currency of your wager in slot games.

Expanding wilds

Expanding wilds are wild symbols that can substitute for all symbols on the reels at one go.

Fixed jackpot

Games with a set amount in the prize pot that’s up for grabs are called fixed jackpot games.

Free spins

A bonus feature that awards you with extra rounds to play for free is known as a free spin feature.

Fruit machine

Fruit machines became popular before online casinos were even invented. They were often played during the gambling ban and had fruit symbols making up the icons on the reels to correspond with the flavour of sweet or gum you would win.

High volatility

High volatility means there’s a high difference between the minimum and maximum amount, meaning that wins are less frequent but often bigger, and low volatility Slots provide higher chances of winning, but generally with smaller amounts.


An icon is another word used to describe the symbols or images found in slot games.


A line is also referred to as a payline, which is where you’ll find the winning combination of symbols displayed in the game.


A multiplier is a bonus feature that allows wins to be multiplied by a fixed number. There can be more than one multiplier in the game, and these can range from one to in the thousands.


A payout is the amount that can be won for each specific winning combination within the game.

Progressive jackpot

A progressive jackpot is a type of jackpot that keeps increasing every time it isn’t won, so when it is eventually won, the lucky player could have racked up a fortune.


The reels are the disks with the symbols on that spin inside the window of a slot machine. At an online casino, these are often digitalised.


A row is the horizontal arrangement of the symbols in the game.


The scatter symbol is a common symbol in most online slot games, it can generally show up anywhere on the reels and at any time, helping you bag additional wins and even sometimes free spins.

Stacked wilds

Stacked wilds are wilds that can land on top of each other during gameplay, for an even bigger chance of bagging a win.

Tumbling reels

If a slot game has tumbling reels, the players are in for a shot at winning even more after every winning combination.

Video Slots

Video Slots are games with computerised reels, rather than the physical discs that’re often found in classic slot machines.


Your wager is another name for the bet placed in a casino or casino game. This can also be known as your stake.


The wild symbol is a symbol that can substitute for all other icons in the game other than the scatter symbol, offering the potential for even more wins and bonus features.Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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