Burnley Football Club’s New Official Asian Betting Partner, BK8

Bookmakers are increasing their interference in the football clubs by sponsoring their t-shirts, training kits, and many more. In recent times, the two sectors have had a close relationship. In 2019, betting sites like BK8 had gained an eye-watering profit of $21.49 million. Moreover, the market expects it to grow 12 to 15% annually over the next few years. With so much money available in their pocket, they are now leaping into the business of sponsoring the famous football clubs in London. Similarly, Burnley Football Club has chosen BK8, the official Asian betting site, to sponsor their English football league for the season 2022-23.

Currently, many Football clubs are being sponsored by well-known betting sites for the season of 2022-23, like BK8 sponsoring Crystal Palace and Burnley F.C, Bet365 to Leicester, Newcastle United, West Bromwich, and many more.

The Motive Behind This Tie-Up

Before 2002, no betting sites were involved in this noble task of sponsoring football clubs that lack economic stability or do not have sufficient finance to come on the ground. Instead, they take the help of well-known betting sites like Sportsbook BK8 to gain recognition and earn revenue. The latest news regarding this topic which has made a massive storm in the media is that BK8 has been allowed to sponsor Burnley Football club of London. The motive behind this great cause is to motivate the women’s community to participate in this beautiful game and generate revenue.

The Key Advantages of Betting Sites to be Part of the Football Association

To make more fan followers, charity is essential. BK8 has a huge charity ground, and such football teams are a part of their charity campaign. Encouraging backward women to play such a beautiful game and win in the competition is a pride for the country. If BK8 can be a part of it, they will be honoured. Alongside, they are supporting the well-being of these community people to come forward and set their presence in these fields. BK8 is just a support system to enhance and boost their courage to create popularity with more fan followers worldwide. It is also paying for the maintenance of pitches and stadiums to bring more revenue for these clubs. In return, BK8 can bag more revenue by attracting more new talents and costly players to the team.

Though the mutual relationship is beneficial and suitable for both platforms, teams get money to buy their playing requirements and improve their performances. On the other hand, the betting sites grab audiences’ attention by giving the best players to watch playing on the field and offering the most challenging fights to the opponent teams. Therefore, BK8 is acting like a lifeline for these small community players and boosting their capacity to exhibit their best performances on the field. However, many fans of BK8 from Asua love to play or bet on BK8 in their favourite games and matches.

Why is BK8 the Renowned Asian Betting Site?

BK8 is a leading name in the casino industry due to the prolific services of casino games and betting options in numerous matches. They have the best offers for their gamblers, allowing them to use them according to their needs. They do not stop here, and they are embarking with the best competitive odds in the market to give a chance to make their gamblers win the best hand. Acquiring their license from the Malta Gambling commission, they are setting up a broad gambling market in Asia. They have a comfortable payment methods customer support team to help the gambles in every possible way. Another forfeited upfront is to endorse football clubs of the English premier league clubs.

About the Burnley Club FC

Burnley F.C. is a small club of the English Association, and it gained its recognition after becoming the champions of England twice and winning the FA Cup in 1973. The club came into existence in 1982 when Rugby Burnley changed its game mode from rugby to football. In May 2009, they joined the English Premier League club and had made enormous achievements.


In terms of worldwide viewership and the vast popularity of the English Premier Leagues, the Asian market is estimated at more than 49% of viewership in England. Thus, the betting sites are springing and gaining an official name Asian betting sites due to the sport’s enormous appeal in the Asian market. They can promote their brands by sponsoring these clubs associated with the premiere leagues of the London Football Association.