Buy CBD Vape Juice & CBD E-Liquid UK

There are many ways that you can enjoy a daily health enhancing dose of CBD, but nothing quite beats the burst of flavor and calming vapor that you experience when vaping CBD.

CBD vape oil and CBD vape liquids have become extremely popular in the UK and are a great alternative to smoking. Not only is there a neverending range of delicious flavors to choose from when vaping CBD, but it also allows you to cut out the nicotine that you inhale when smoking.

When shopping for CBD vape products, there are lots of options available, both online and in physical stores. It has become common for vape stores in the UK to also stock CBD vape oils and liquids. Alternatively, many health food stores are now including CBD vape products among their regular CBD supplements.

Let’s take a look at where you can buy CBD vape oil and CBD vape juice in the UK.


Provacan is one of the UK’s leading online CBD retailers. Provacan is a popular choice for many due to its exceptional quality and extensive range of concentration options.

All of Provacan’s CBD vape oils are made using its famous full-spectrum CBD formula. Provacan sources all of its hemp plants from organic EU farms, ensuring that it can always deliver the very best quality to your door.

Alongside Provacan’s full-spectrum hemp extract CBD, there are only two additional ingredients in the CBD vape oil. Provacan has opted for a blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

In order to give you as much freedom as possible, all of Provacan’s CBD vape oils are unflavored, meaning that you can add your own flavorings and vape e-liquids. Provacan sells a range of terpene oils that you can use to create a more personalized experience.

There are three concentration options available when shopping for CBD vape oils with Provacan. For those looking for a gentle dose of CBD that works perfectly alongside their regular supplements, Provacan offers a 30mg CBD vape oil. For those customers looking for something just a little stronger, Provacan also has 300mg and 600mg CBD vape oils.

Provacan also sells ready to use vape pods, ideal for those times when you need a quick and simple CBD solution.



CBDfx has been selling CBD vape juices and liquids since 2014 and has become known as one of the leading industry brands. A combination of CBDfx’s pure and potent CBD and their extensive range of flavors have helped to set them apart from many of the UK’s other CBD vape brands.

Each 30ml vape juice pod contains a total of 1000mg of CBDfx’s finest CBD oil blend sourced from organic USA farms. CBDfx then uses a combination of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol along with natural flavorings to create a smooth and enjoyable CBD vape oil.

CBDfx uses third-party lab testing to ensure the potency of all the CBD used in its vape oils. Through intensive testing, CBDfx can also guarantee that all of its CBD vape oils and juices are 100% cruelty free and made using healthy ingredients.

When shopping with CBDfx, there are many different flavored vape oils to choose from, including wild watermelon, blue raspberry, and rainbow candy. With CBDfx vape oil, you can enjoy a new flavor experience every day, helping to make CBD a fun activity that you look forward to.



Harmony’s CBD liquids are the perfect solution for anyone who is looking to try some new flavors and really enhance their CBD vaping experience. All of Harmony’s CBD vape liquids are themed around a different cannabis strain, meaning that you get the same excellent taste as your favorite strains alongside the health benefits, all without any of the THC.

When shopping with Harmony, you can choose from many of the most popular cannabis strains such as OG Kush, New York Diesel, and Mango Kush. All of Harmony’s CBD e-liquids come in 10ml bottles, with four concentrations to choose from. Customers can pick from 30mg, 100mg, 300mg, and 600mg liquids, giving you complete control over how much CBD you consume at one time.

All of Harmony’s CBD products are made within the UK and are guaranteed to be completely THC-free, making them safe for you to enjoy just like regular vape liquids. Harmony sources its CBD from hemp plants so that every drop of liquid is packed with a range of healthy cannabinoids and terpenes. Harmony uses a 70% propylene glycol, 30% vegetable glycerin blend, resulting in smooth and pleasant vapor.