Call Tracking Software: Advantages for Your Business


Every businessman wants to get as many leads as possible. Are you one of those who is looking for effective lead management solutions? It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, you should pay special attention to the call tracking. There is a tight connection between successful lead generation and the use of call tracking software. Use Phonexa marketers guide to find out how to improve your performance and optimize your marketing campaign. So, what is call tracking software, how does it work, and what pros will you enjoy if you use it? Let’s get started.

Call Tracking: A Clear Picture of It

Perhaps, someone will be surprised but phone calls still remain the most important source for lead generation. That’s why most companies who want to improve their performance and achieve the best results use call tracking software. What is it? It’s when each of the company’s marketing campaigns has its own number. It is done with the aim to identify the effectiveness of each of the campaigns. The software makes it possible to find out the source of your phone calls and track it. A call tracking software is a tool that makes it easy to check what channels and ads work best and help to get more leads. One of the main peculiarities of the call tracking software is that you can track the efficiency of both offline and online campaigns.

What Features Does Call Tracking Software Have?

Learn what peculiarities call tracking tools to have before you use them.

  • Identification of a caller. Find out who is calling and gather all the necessary information before you answer the call. Your team will get valuable information about the caller to have a more effective conversation.
  • A reliable storage place. Store data about potential clients at a safe database. Your marketing team will be able to find the client in just one click.
  • A centralized monitoring panel. It is possible to record phone calls and check them later. The call recording function is very useful as it provides a possibility to improve the quality of services you provide.
  • Transformation of voice into text. It is very convenient to have a voice record and a text file. You can use the transcript of phone calls to train your staff.
  • Analysis of the campaign’s effectiveness. Thanks to the call tracking software, you can collect keywords and sources of income for you to have a clear picture of how your current campaigns work and what changes you need to make.
  • Track conversions. It is one of the most significant features. Analysis of the indicators is a must for the guaranteed business growth.

As you can see, call tracking software provides you with all the necessary tools to make your marketing efforts successful. Check whether you have chosen the best strategy and make improvements to it in case it shows no results.

3 Key Advantages You Will Enjoy Using a Call Tracking Software

  • A possibility to integrate CRM. Your company’s sales team will get all the necessary information about potential clients who make calls. Your staff will get access to their location, position, and history of calls. Using this information it will be much easier to turn leads into your clients.
  • More opportunities for staff training. You will be able to improve the performance of your sales team within a short time. Thanks to the records of calls, your team will be able to get access to each phone call.
  • Get valuable information about potential clients. You will be able to increase your business profitability. It’ll be easier thanks to the better customer awareness. Your specialists will brainstorm effective ideas on how to improve current marketing campaigns when they know when and why the customer decided to call you. The more useful data you can gain, the higher your chances to implement the ideas that will work best for the business.

So, don’t hesitate to use call tracking software if you want to enjoy better performance of your marketing campaigns and improve the company’s profitability. Call tracking software will help you to increase your client base and make your lead generation and management system twice more effective.

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