Can a Bathroom Be Remodeled in a Day? (by Bathroom Remodelers)


Remodeling your bathroom is one of the great ways to upgrade your home and if you are a homeowner considering this, a common question that is asked is about how long it takes for a bathroom to be remodeled. If you’re interested in bathroom remodeling, be sure to do your research and find a reputable bathroom remodeler for the project.

Coming up with an accurate estimate of how long it would take to remodel a bathroom is a very difficult one, so you are likely to run into errors attempting it. Unless you have more than one bathroom in your home, remodeling can be a major inconvenience for you. In this article, we discuss how long it would take to remodel your bathroom.

Determinants of how long to complete remodeling a bathroom

Let’s be upfront: Bathroom remodeling is a long process and cannot be completed in a day. There are many factors that determine how long it would take to complete the project. The following are some of the aspects of the project that requires some time:

The quality of planning and prioritizing

Appropriately managing your time is important in the execution of the remodeling. Logistical systems such as electrical, plumbing, and flooring consume a lot of time when compared with the installation of a new bathtub or sink. The time required for replacing logistical systems of your home can range from a few days to a week. This will depend on the condition of your home.

On the other hand, the installation of a new bathtub can be completed in a day or two, a new sink would even require less time. That said, planning out and prioritizing your remodeling based on the most time-consuming items will help to prevent delays and ensure that the project goes smoothly.

The current condition of the bathroom

The immediate needs of your bathroom can be better understood by the inspection of its current state. It is recommended that existing elements be repaired and upgraded rather than start from scratch. Of course, there are times that this is not a realistic option. However, you should remember that more time will be required for implementing infrastructures like wall frames and flooring.

Also, electricity, plumbing, and other logistical elements can slow down the pace of the project.

The number of bathroom remodeling contractors hired

Have it in mind that each bathroom remodeling contractor has their area of expertise. If you hire a bathroom remodeling contractor for each aspect of the remodeling will make the project faster. For example, a contractor can handle the housing infrastructure such as the frames and interiors of the bathroom, while another one works on the logistical systems. Doing this can ensure that each aspect of the project is of high quality.

Another benefit of having many contractors on your bathroom remodeling is that the project is completed much faster. However, you need to note that having more people on the project could also cause delays as a result of different schedules. The larger the number of bathroom remodeling contractors, the more difficult it is to coordinate them.

How long to secure the necessary permits

Just like any other housing project, your bathroom remodeling cannot be completed if the appropriate permits are not approved. Considering that this step is time-consuming and unavoidable, it would be good for you to do your research and get all the required building permits before you start the project.

You can expect this to take between four and six weeks. Therefore, to avoid major headaches with your bathroom remodeling contractors, it is important that this step is completed as soon as possible.

The time taken to organize and assemble the materials

The building materials will be taking a substantial part of the cost of your project. Apart from spending a lot of money, time will also be required to organize and assemble the materials to use for the bathroom remodeling.

You will need to spend more time on getting the items such as your sink, tile, stone, and wood. All these must be put into consideration before the project begins as they all contribute to how long the project will take.

Prepare for unforeseen circumstances

In estimating how long it would take to complete a bathroom remodel, there are some assumptions that can be made:

  • That the general contractor is good and is working with other competent subcontractors
  • That everyone involved shows up on time
  • That all materials are readily available
  • That no one falls sick
  • And you – the homeowner – don’t change any orders.

Now, all these assumptions can make it easy to estimate how long remodeling your bathroom can take. The occurrence of any unforeseen circumstance will definitely alter the time projection of the project. You may be shocked if the reality is such that the projected completion time is doubled as a result of unexpected occurrences.

Will doing it yourself make the project faster?

Doing your bathroom remodeling project by yourself gives you the opportunity to run the project based on your own timetable. This means that the project may be completed faster than having professionals – who have other clients and strict schedules – do the remodeling for you.

However, the problem with this is that you have to execute every aspect of the project yourself, which comes with more physical exertion and financial investment. Moreover, except you have experience in bathroom remodeling, you are prone to making costly mistakes that would require a lot of time and money to fix.

With a professional, your project will be completed with an impressive level of quality. In the end, both routes will take a considerable length of time to reach completion.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

According to Home Advisor, the average bathroom remodel costs $10,985 Most homeowners spend between $6,599 and $16,389. You can spend as little as $3,500 to $7,000 updating the essentials in a small or medium-sized bathroom. On a large or master bath, you could spend $25,000 or more. Labor averages 50% of the total project price at about $65 per hour. Expect pricing to vary regionally up to 20% due mainly to labor. Material prices stay roughly the same across the country.

Bottom Line

A bathroom cannot be remodeled in a day. However, you can expect the project to be completed between three and four weeks, depending on how large the project is. It may take from four to six weeks to do larger bathroom remodels.

Estimating how long it would take to complete a small bathroom remodel can be easier, especially if the bathroom remodeling contractor you are working with is a competent one, and is also working with subcontractors that are equally competent.


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