Can a Steakhouse Serve Me Blue Rare Steak?


One of the most popular orders at a steakhouse is medium rare. Yet, there are various ways to enjoy a steak, depending on how long you wish it to be on the grill.

These typically range from having your steak be on the grill for a little time, like with rare steaks, which generally have a pinker colour and are juicy. While on the other end of the spectrum, others can order their steak completely done where there is no pink left in them because of being on the grill for so long.

Yet, there is another way of grilling a steak that’s rather controversial. What exactly is it? Blue rare.

From how this steak is prepared, it’s garnered a reputation as a potential health risk. Yet, some people prefer to order their steak this way. In this case, it begs the question: is it possible to order blue rare at a steakhouse?

Learn what blue rare is all about and what makes ordering your steak this way rather contentious.

What is Blue Rare?

The name itself gives you a clue about how blue rare is prepared. Known as ‘extra rare,’ blue rare is as close as you can get to serve a steak raw. Why is that? From the fact that blue rare steaks are made by only lightly searing the outside of it within a short amount of time. In turn, it exemplifies its namesake by looking bluish or purplish until it’s exposed to the air, which loses those colours and changes to a noticeably red colour.

The taste and texture have been described as rather unique. Those who have eaten blue rare steak have found it to be rather gamey, earthy, and even spongey. From such consistency, it means you would be chewing more – but that’s the point. Doing so allows you to enjoy the flavour of the steak for much longer. This way, you can see how it would appeal to some folks despite its look.

Is Blue Rare Safe to Eat?

Considering how blue rare is made, you can see how some would find it questionable to eat. After all, there are plenty of horror stories about the health risks of eating improperly cooked meat and contracting E. coli. So, is it truly safe to eat?

Yes and no.

For the most part, blue rare steak is only safe to eat when it’s cooked properly. That can be tricky to discern because of the short time it takes to make it. However, there are ways to ensure it’s safe to consume by ensuring no E. coli is present.

When cooking blue rare, folks do the following to prevent E. coli:

  • Clean & sterilise tongs when transferring the meat.
  • Ensuring the outside of the steak is completely seared helps eliminate bacteria.
  • Have the steak’s internal temperature be at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Celsius.

By following proper food handling preparations, you can ensure blue rare is safe to eat. Again, the risk is certainly there if it’s not cooked well.

Can You Order Blue Rare at a Steakhouse?

Now that you know what blue rare steak entails, the big question is whether you can order it if you go to a steakhouse. Besides people who enjoy blue rare steak, some might be curious about what it tastes like and want professionals to handle cooking it. That’s sensible, considering they probably don’t want to risk getting E.coli by cooking it themselves.

Yet, the answer to whether you can order blue rare at a steakhouse is ambiguous.

All steakhouses have one thing in common: specialising in cooking steaks. However, it doesn’t mean all steakhouses are the same. Some may have different rules and regulations regarding how they handle food. One steakhouse might have no problem serving you blue rare steak since they’re experienced in cooking it properly. Other steakhouses might not allow it to avoid lawsuits if a patron gets sick from how they prepared it.

When it comes down to it, individual steakhouses make that call. If you want to ensure a steakhouse allows it, you might want to reach out before dining there. In this way, you not only see whether it’s possible to order blue rare at that steakhouse but also allow you to understand how they prepare it to give you some peace of mind.

With how blue rare is prepared, it’s no surprise that it’s a controversial order. Yet, a minority of people do enjoy their steak that way. Since that’s the case, it depends on whether a steakhouse feels comfortable enough to prepare it. So, if you plan to try blue rare, it’s in your best interest to research and contact steakhouses that can cook it and do so safely.

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