Can You Wash Cloth Diapers With Other Clothes – What To Do?


Often we get a question that- can you wash cloth diapers with other clothes? The answer depends on a few factors, and if you are a new parent, you should know when it is suitable to wash your baby’s dirty cloth diaper with other clothes. And we are here to help you with the answer to that today.

As a quick answer, we must say that whether you can wash the cloth diaper with your regular clothes or not mainly depends on the amount of dirt and type of dirt in your cloth diaper. If there is some sort of dirt that needs immediate clean-up, it’s best not to wait until you wash other clothes. However, in the case of regular minimal dirty diaper clothes, you can totally clean that with your other clothes.

However, if you are confused about what type of dirt we are talking about here, keep on reading because we will give a brief on everything that you need to know. Let’s go ahead!

Can You Wash Cloth Diapers With Other Clothes?

The washability of cloth diapers with other clothes depends on a few factors. You already know what cloth diapers are used for. So no doubt that the diapers will contain some messy dirt, especially when the diaper is for a newborn. From poop, poop stains, odor to pee and pee odor, it has got everything. Sometimes, it can also be covered with food or food stains.

Now depending on the dirt type, you can consider if you want to wash it with your other clothes or not. We suggest that when the diaper has poop or poop stains, it’s better not to wash it with other clothes. Leaving the cloth diaper with poops for a long time can be unhealthy for you and your kid.

Also, when the poop stays long in the cloth diaper, it creates tough stains which becomes harder to deal with. As a result, if you leave it like that, after a while it will be harder to clean. These sorts of diapers need immediate cleaning, and you shouldn’t wash them with other clothes as the poop may get in contact with those clothes leaving a stain on them as well.

In the case of a cloth diaper that has pee on it, it’s up to you if you want to wash it with other clothes or not. If the pee is not left for long, you can wash it with regular baby clothes. However, if the diaper looks dirty and if you think that the inner layers are dirtier, you should handle it with individual cleaning.

As mentioned earlier, some of the cloth diapers may not be dirty with poop or pee, rather there might be food stains or other specks of dirt stuck inside. You can wash those diapers with your other clothes without thinking twice.

As leaving the baby’s cloth diaper for a long time without washing it is not healthy, our suggestion is to clean the diapers individually if possible whatever the case is. Because sometimes, mixing the diapers with your baby’s regular clothes or even your clothes may not be a good idea, as the diapers require maximum cleaning. There may remain bacterias from the wastages which will spread into other clothes if you clean everything all together. The diapers require special cleaning with powerful detergents to make them all clean and healthy to use.

How To Wash Cloth Diapers?

Rather than mixing the diapers with regular clothes, it’s better to create an individual cleaning routine for the diapers. Hereby, you should follow a proper cleaning guide to clean the diapers properly. Now we are going to share the guide for you:

Step-1: Gather All The Diapers And Categorize Those

Depending on the dirt type, you need to keep the diapers separate. Diapers that have poop in those, need special treatment. So keep the poop-filled diapers aside and the urine-filled diapers on the other side. Likewise, keep the less dirty ones on another side.

Step-2: Dispose Of Solid Waste

Now it’s time to remove all the solid poops from the poop-filled diapers. It will make your further tasks easier. After removing the solid poops, use a diaper sprayer on the diapers to remove the particles that are hard to remove.

Step-3: Use Warm Water And Detergent

Now it’s time to put all the diapers into warm water and detergent. This process will remove most of the dirt from the diapers. You have to keep the diapers there for 5-10 minutes.

Step-4: Rinse And Clean

At this phase, you have to take the diapers and clean the rest of the accumulated messes using your hands. Rinse with either warm or cold water, and rub the dirty areas properly using your hands. Once you make sure that every stain and dirt is gone, your duty is over.

Step-5: Dry It Up

After following every step mentioned above, it’s time to dry up the diapers. You can use your usual drying method to dry up those. Otherwise, you can let fresh air do the work.

Is It Sanitary To Wash Cloth Diapers In Washer?

You can easily put the diapers in your washer and clean them. But it is not a wise decision to mix the diapers with regular clothes. Also, you shouldn’t wait longer and leave the dirt untreated for a long time because it is very unhealthy. If you want to wash the cloth diapers in a washer, remove the solid dirt beforehand. Otherwise, the solid specks of dirt will get mixed up with every other diaper.

Wrapping Up

By now, we have given a detailed answer to your question- can you wash cloth diapers with other clothes? You already know what to do and what not to do. We recommend you to use a strong detergent to deal with the dirty cloth diapers, as these require to be entirely clean. If left uncleaned for long, the dirty diapers can bring health hazards to your baby. There is no doubt there are many downsides to cloth diapers.

Follow our instructions and act accordingly to get the best cleaning. Also, it’s best if you make a cleaning routine for the diapers. If you are planning on cleaning the diapers in your washing machine, follow our suggestions and do not mix the diapers with other clothes.

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