Casino Dress Code – What Each Attire Means


One of the most common questions asked by punters is about the dress code. Whether you visit land-based casinos during the day or night, there is a certain dress code that you must abide to. However, the rules and dress code may vary from one casino to another.

The standard dressing rule for every casino requires you to be smart and well presented. Please note that the dress style may also be affected by the type of games that you intend to play.

Nevertheless, if you find that the casino dressing rules are too tight, you can play online casino games in Australia from the comfort of your home.

Now, let’s look at different casino dress codes and their meaning. We’ve included some of the best Aussie casinos and their attire rules.

White Tie

A white tie is worn during special events held by the casino. It is considered the highest level of formality in casinos. For men, this can be accompanied by a white tux shirt, a fitted black dress coat with a tail, and black patent leather shoes.

Black Tie

This is the second most common type of attire in casinos. In many cases, it is reserved for evening events and VIP Lounges. A black tie is accompanied with a dinner jacket and matching trouser, button-down collared shirt, and black formal shoes.

Black Tie Optional

In case a casino requires a Black Tie Optional dress attire, it means you must dress in a formal way with the black tie. If you are not a suit guy, you can do a button-down shirt with a tie, black trouser and a pair of black leather shoes.

Semi Formal Attire

This dress code is easier to understand than the Black Tie Optional. Moreover, it has more options which makes it simple to set up. The semiformal dress code is reserved for nice events that happen before noon. It is not the casino’s everyday style.

Business Formal Wear

In business formal, the dress code is similar to what you wear to your office. It is a neutral attire that is accepted by many online casinos. The business formal attire is also comfortable enough for you to spend an evening. Men are advised to wear dark suites, colored button-down shirts, and leather shoes. The tie is optional in this dress code.

Business Casual Wear

Many people are used to business casual wear. You dress the same way you would do for a white collar job or holiday parties. In this scenario, you want to look nice but dont want it to appear like you put in a lot of effort. Business casual wear is recommended for a normal casino day. Men can choose a blazer or sports coat, khakis, polo shirts, and loafers.

Casual Wear

This is considered the lowest level formality in casino fashion. Casual wear simply refers to your everyday dresses. However, this doesn’t mean that you pop in a casino dirty in your farm clothes. The thumb rule of casino dress code holds. You must look nice and presentable.

Popular Australian Casinos and Dress Code Rules

Here are some of the popular casinos in Australia and their dressing attire rules.

Crown Casino Melbourne

This is a popular casino located in Melbourne. For nightclubs, you must be smart and neat at all times. Ladies can put on jackets, dress pants, and men can wear collared shirts and dress shoes.

The Star Casino, Sydney

The most forbidden footwear in The Star Casino is crocs. Also, certain shorts and open toe shoes are restricted by the management. This Sydney-based casino is well-known for its numerous game options and excellent services.

Crown Casino

Crown Casino is located in Perth. It has a nightclub where hoodies, shorts, flannelette shirts, fancy dresses, high tops, joggers, and thongs are not allowed. You can enjoy all the great services and delicious meals at any time at Crown Casino.

Treasury Casino

The Treasury Casino is based in Brisbane. Players are not allowed to wear camouflage clothing, swimmers, caps, or wook boots. As for sleeveless, it will depend on the occasion. The surprising thing is that they accept rubber thongs anytime before 6 PM.

Mindil Beach Casino and Resort

Mindil Beach Casino and Resort has some of the most flexible dress code rules. Given its location, you can wear anything which is weather friendly. Besides, this resort is home to some of the best local and international dishes.

Adelaide Casino

Adelaide Casino is another popular gambling venue in Australia. Customers are forbidden to wear dirty clothes, seductive clothing, gang patches, etc. Moreover, mini skirts are unacceptable but they allow shorts of a certain length.


Conclusively, what you wear will depend on the casino you are visiting, time and the occasion (if any). Before you visit a casino, it is highly recommended to check the website to know what is required of you. Otherwise, always remember to be smart at all times.

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