Top 4 Soulful Telugu Songs to Comfort Your Lockdown Aloneness

Top 4 Soulful Telugu Songs to Comfort Your Lockdown Aloneness

In the COVID-19 situation, we already faced dramatic problems, and almost all day, we live in our own home that is so much suffocating. With the internet’s help, we are surfing the internet, watching movies, reading books, and many more things that we are passed. But these things are not able to … Read more

Best Telugu Romantic Songs That You Haven’t Heard Yet

Telugu Romantic Songs

There are many music industries in this modern world, and all the industries are now in trending nowadays by their popular songs. But there is a hidden secret of the popularity of their industry, and that is they release songs with very directorial accuracy. Among all the music industry, the Telugu music … Read more

Top 8 Telugu YouTube Channels to Follow

Youtube App

Today, in this digitalized world, where everything is just a click away, we have a lot of options to choose from. But, whenever we are searching for something on YouTube,  we always tend to choose the videos in the language we are comfortable in. YouTube being the most common and important source … Read more

Top 6 Telugu Directors

TrivikramSrinivas, a Telugu film director

Every movie you watch is a vision of its director, who makes an entire movie out of a small observation. Tollywood is known best for its renowned directors, who launched the new sense to the medium. Check out the top Telugu directors: 1. Trivikram Srinivas TrivikramSrinivas, an Indian film director, and screenwriter … Read more

Top Telugu Writers


The majority of Indian writers are Telugu. Like every other language, Telugu has its unique grammar and composition of sentences. Unlike the English language, in which the real name of the individual comes first followed by family name (last name), in Telugu, it is the opposite. There are a lot of well-known … Read more

Telugu Mp3 songs from Naa songs site

Telugu Mp3 songs from Naa songs site

Naa songs are better than some other Telugu music downloading on the web interfaces. You will get a wide scope of Telugu tunes, including Telugu film tunes, Telugu single tracks, Telugu vocalists, performers and experts various assortments melodies, hits arrangement at naasongs with free downloads workplaces. Remain related with naasongs requiring download … Read more