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The majority of Indian writers are Telugu. Like every other language, Telugu has its unique grammar and composition of sentences. Unlike the English language, in which the real name of the individual comes first followed by family name (last name), in Telugu, it is the opposite.

There are a lot of well-known Telugu writers whose contributions to their language cannot be neglected. It is difficult to mention all of them, but we have put together a few top Telugu writers in this article.

1. Kundurti Anjaneyulu

KundurtiAnjaneyulu was born on 16th December 1922. He was known as the father of prose poetry (VachanaKavithaPitamahudu) and the winner of the SahityaAkademi Award. KundurtiAnjaneyulu was the founder of the group Free Verse Front. On 31st July 1979, Free Verse Front Prize Trust was also founded in Hyderabad for the distribution of prizes.

His literary works include Asha, Idi NaaJenda, Souptikam, Nayaagara, NaaloniVaadaalu, Meghamaala, Rasadhuni, HamsaEgiripoyindi, Amavaasya, Telangana, KundurtiPeethikalu, NaaPreyasi, and many more. He died in 1982.

2. Bhargavi Rao

BhargaviPrabhanjanRao, born on 14th August 1944, was also the winner of the SahityaAkademi Award. Bhargavi won this award for her translation of the play of GirishKarnad, Taledanda. Shewas also the receiver of the Grihalakshmi Award, PS Telugu University Award, and SakhyaSahiti Award.

Moreover, she was also a member of the Telugu Literary and Cultural Association and the Telugu Association of North America.

BhargaviRao was a significant translator of Telugu literature. NoorellaPanta is her well-known work, which is the compilation of one hundred stories of female writers of the twentieth century. BhargaviRao died on 23rd May 2008 due to a heart attack.

Some of her famous publications in Telugu include:

  • Saugandhika (monologue)
  • NaaPeru, Gundelothadi, and Chukka Navvindi (short stories)
  • Pranava Ganga (dance ballet)
  • Album and NeedalaGodalu (poems)
  • ThoorpuGaali, Abhisarika (Novels)
  • Taladandam, Agni Varsham, Naagamandala, Tughluq, and Hayavadana are her translation of the plays of Karnad Kannada.

3. Gurajada Apparao


An eminent Indian poet, playwright, writer, and dramatist, GurajadaApparao was born on 21st September 1862. He was famous for his work in Telugu theatre. GurajadaApparaowas also the writer of the significant play of Telugu language, Kanyasulkam, which he wrote in 1892.

GurajadaApparao is one of the pioneers of Indian theatre who holds the titles “AbyudayaKavithaPithamahudu” and “Kavisekhara.”Rao is the writer of DesamunuPreminchumanna, a widely known Telugu patriotic song. Moreover, GurajadaApparao wrote several admired English poems, along with his brother (SyamalaRao).

1913 was the year of his retirement. He was credited with the title ‘Emeritus Fellow’ by Madras University. GurajadaApparao died on 30th November 1915. He has done a lot of literature work. Some of which are:

  • Lavanaraju Kala (poem)
  • Dimculangaru (poem)
  • Subhadra (poem)
  • Subject for An Extravaganza
  • Chandrahasa
  • KanyaSulkamu (Drama)
  • Minugurlu (story of children)
  • The Cook
  • Neelagiripatalu
  • Kanyaka (poem)

4. Paravastu Chinnayasuri

Telugu writer, ParavastuChinnayasuri was born in Chengalpattu district in August 1806 and was the first Telugu Pandit at the Presidency College. He had a notable role in elevating the prose to importance in Telugu literature.

Chinnayasuri was the son of a Vaishnavite Scholar, VenkataRangayya. He was a Telugu instructor at the college of Pachaiyappa, Madras. For the Supreme Court of East India Company, ParavastuChinnayasuri worked as a law scholar.

He was a Pundit in Tamil, Sanskrit, Prakrit, and Telugu languages. In traditional education, Chinnayasuri earned acclaim as a profound scholar in Sanskrit and Telugu. He spent more than a third of his life in educating Telugu in schools and colleges. Chinnayasuri died in February 1861.

He wrote a grammar book for children, which was meant for teaching Telugu grammar in institutes, named BalaVyakaranamu.Chinnayasuri did the translation of the work by Thomas Lumisden Strange and published it with the title of Hindu DharmashastraSangrahamu.

5. Adivi Baapiraju


AdiviBaapiraju, born on 8th October 1895, was a renowned Telugu playwright, novelist, art director, painter, and poet. He wrote the well-known Telugu song BavaBavaPanneru. The birthplace of AdiviBaapiraju is Sarepalle, a West Godavari district of Andhra. NarayanaRao, Gonaganna Reddy, and Himabindu are the works that make him stand out among other well-known Telugu writers.

As a writer, his work includes Nelathalli, Thoofanu, Goduli, Anshumathi, Shailabala, Konangi, AdiviShantisree, Narudu, Veena, Anjali, Gaalivaana, Shashikala, HimaBindu, AdiviShantisree, Bhogiraloya, and much more.

The work of AdiviBaapiraju as a painter includes BhagavathaPurushudu, Thikkana, Sasikala, Suryadeva, Paintings for Kinnerasanipatalu, ShabdaBramha, Samudragupta, SundariNandudu, and Mruthyunjaya.

AdiviBaapiraju won the Andhra ViswakalaParishattu Award for his novel Narayanarao. He also owns the title “Kulapathi.”

6. Dwivedula Visalakshi

DwivedulaVisalakshi, a notable Telugu writer, was born in 1929. Hailing from the capital of Andhra Pradesh, Vizianagaram, she distinguished herself as a writer of stories and short novels. From the PottiSreeramuluTegulu University, Hyderabad, she received her D.Litt. degree in 1998.

The novel of DwivedulaVisalakshi, Vaaradhi, was a hit on the silver screen as well. In 1999, DwivedulaVisalakshi was the recipient of the Sri Raja-Lakshmi Foundation Literary Award.

She has not done a lot of work. Her few literary works include Ekkavalasinarailu, EntaDooramEePayanam, Vaikuntapaali, Vaaradhi, and Eepayanamechatiki.

7. Kesava Reddy

Kesava Reddy

Kesava Reddy, belonging from Andhra Pradesh, was a well-known Telugu novelist. He addressed several issues in India like prejudices, poverty, and superstitions through his writing. Reddy also encouraged people to be more socially responsible.

Another major success of him was connecting the idealistic and the well-received styles of literature. Ranga Reddy P, the father of Kesava Reddy, was a farmer. From Pondicherry University, he got his MBBS degree. And in CMC medical college, Reddy did his pg diploma in dermatology.

His famous novels include Smassanamdunneru, City Beautiful, Muneamma, Incredible Goddess (KshudraDevatha), Ramudunaadu- Raajjaymundaadi, Chivarigudise, AthaduAdaviniJayinchadu, MugavaniPillanaGrovi, and MoogavaniPillanagrovi: Ballad of Ontillu.

8. Garikapati Narasimha Rao


GarikipatiNarasimhaRao is a renowned Telugu literary performer. In 1996, Rao performed Avadhanam with 1116 Pricchakas, for twenty-one days in Kakinada. He was a lecturer and delivered lessons on personality development according to the culture of Hindus and their way of life.

Rao often appears on the Telugu TV channels like ABN Andhra Jyothi and Bhakti Tv. On these platforms, he discusses Ancient Hindu texts such as Mahabharata and Ramayana.

On 18th January 2016, Rao received Loknayak Foundation Award. Moreover, in November 2016, a literary organization, GurajadaSamskritikaSamakhya, honored GarikapatiNarasimha with GurajadaVisishtaPuraskar. He also received Ramineni Foundation Awards.

The literary works of Rao include Bashpaguccham (padyakavitasamputi), Dwisatavadhanam, Moukhikasahityam (parisodhana), Avadhanasatakam, SagaraGosha (PadyaKavyam), pallavi (songs), Dharadharana, Pillalabommala Telugu nighantuvu, Vaikunthapali, ManaBharatam , Mahasahasravadhanam, Kavitakhandikasatavadhanam, and MaaAmma.

9. Varalakshmi

Varalakshmi, the Telugu short story writer, was born on 24th October 1948. In 1964, she got married to Kala Ramamohana. She was the eldest daughter of Bangaramma and PallaVenkataRamana. The women of rural areas were the main focus of her writings.

Her stories work includes Vimalasanthi award, Ranjani award, Tana Katha award, R.S.Krishna Murthy award, Suseela Narayana Reddy award, SahrudayaSahiti award, Ajo-Vibho award, Rangavalli award, Dharmanidhi award, and ChasoSpurthi award.

10. Bandaru Acchamamba

She was the pioneer in the advanced stages of the women’s movement.BandaruAcchamamba is one of the early feminist historians. Under the guidance of her brother, Bandaru learned English, Telugu, and Hindi and became educated about literature and the problems of women.

Her significant work includes BeedaKutumbam (A Poor Family), Satakam, DhanaTrayodasi, Khana, and AbaalaSaccharitraRatnamala. Moreover, a lot of her articles got published in the magazines Saraswati and Hindu Sundari.

Final Words

The Telugu writers mentioned above are not the only renowned ones out there. There is a long list of such amazing and talented writers who have done a lot for the Telugu literature and made their names among the top writers, novelists, playwright, and poets.

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