Accessorizing Like a Pro for Men – 10 Top Tips

Accessorizing Like a Pro for Men – 10 Top Tips

Some people naively consider that accessorizing is just for women. No that’s wrong! Men can also do that, and look like a pro if done right. Continue to read for our ten top guidelines on how to do simply that. Bags Just fill your pocket simply with money it does not seem … Read more

Iconic Men’s Hairstyles

barbershop haircut

There comes a time when men decide to change their hairstyles but could not figure out which to choose. The same dilemma goes for choosing a new beard style, but we have got the answers for you in this department – choosing a beard according to your face shape. Perhaps you might … Read more

The Best Beards for Every Guy’s Face Shape

a smiling bald, bearded man in a suit

Many men prefer their faces to look fresh and clean-shaven. Other guys, however, believe that sporting a beard can add to their sex appeal. If you’re going for the latter group, then grow a beard, by all means! However, you may be wondering, “what type of beard style looks best for me?” … Read more

Most Popular Fashion Trends by the Decade (1900s – 1990s)

Swinging London

History matters, and so do your clothes, shoes, hats, hairstyles, and fashion accessories. If you say that fashion is only skin-deep, this is far from the truth: fashion has always been a helpful indicator of the current time and history. Over the last one-hundred years or so, fashion has experienced dramatic shifts: … Read more

Why Has the Popularity of Tattoos Grown?

Why Has the Popularity of Tattoos Grown

In 1980’s or 90’s, tattoos were a part of allegiance to a particular group of people. But from the beginning of the 21st century, the popularity of tattoos has increased somewhat. The tattoo is a permanent design, figure, mark, or image on the body and it is done following a specific process. … Read more

Getting That Stunning Look with Indian Gold Bangle Design

Getting That Stunning Look with Indian Gold Bangle Design

Women don’t need an occasion or any reason to flaunt that gorgeous and stunning look with the selection of the most precious gold bangle design in their collection. They are highly attracted to jewellery because they have to have that perfect style and grace in any place they walk. The fact that … Read more

Celebrities That Have Worn Platform Shoes

Black platform shoes

Platform shoes are a special kind of formal shoes. These might be boots, dress shoes, sandals, or any other type of shoes with a relatively thicker sole. These shoes are high, and the thickness generally ranges from 3cm to 10cm. History of the Platform Shoes These shoes are not a new fashion, … Read more

Is It The Price For Gucci Products That Sets It At The Top-Tier?

Is It The Price For Gucci Products That Sets It At The Top-Tier

We all know luxury brands are associated with social status. In fact, it has become synonymous with elegance and glamour. No one can deny the fact that we are residing in a commodity-image system. In other words, our values and satisfaction revolve around the materials we use in our daily life. Now, … Read more

Fashion Industry Changed By the Globalization

Fashion Industry Changed By the Globalization

The Following Are the Features in Which Global Has Improved the Fashion Business Dresses — World Wide Style Because of globalization of Fashion business, businesses are shifting the new activities for their own making, and fabricating. To acquire the greater finger while in the style industry lines are now reallocating. Additionally, the … Read more

7 Fashion Styles for You to Choose

7 Fashion Styles for You to Choose

Fashion is always changing, and more and more people begin to pay attention to the latest fashion styles and chase the step of fashion. However, “flexible styles” is not always a good word, that means you don’t have your own style and always pursue others’ fashion flavor. So, everyone needs to find … Read more

5 Brilliant Tips to Keep Your Engagement on a Budget

engagement budget

Engagement season is in line, while the pandemic has already spoiled plan of your dream engagement, there is no way you have to back-out from the plan to get engaged. While there are multiple ways to tie the knot and start a new chapter of your life – It is important to … Read more

Surprising Developments in The Concert Industry This 2021

Surprising Developments in The Concert Industry This 2020

Concerts are the go-to form of entertainment for many people. The concert industry is one that is quite huge worldwide with a variety of music genres and thousands of artists creating unique work on a regular basis. At the start of 2020, everything was going as good as ever with the concert … Read more

The Interesting History of the Fashion Show

The Interesting History of the Fashion Show

High-end fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Gucci often organize fashion shows to show their latest clothes or outfits for people. Rather than using mannequins, these brands would hire models to wear the designer clothes for them, as many people believed that the models would give buyers a better look and … Read more

How to Wear Polka Dot Patterns?

Polka Dot Patterns

In trendy fashion range, there are numerous types of choices and clothing options which can be chased to make sure about creative feature brands and which like by interested communities to meet with their objectives. Wearing steps of Polka Dot Skirts are of different types and have great demand for the interested … Read more

Famous Mustaches Through Out History

Albert Einstein

Ever since the dawn of time, wearing beards and mustaches reflect a wide range of customs, beliefs, and personal tastes. In the past, it was common to make no distinction between a mustache, beard, and other types of facial hair as these are usually grown together. In some periods of time and … Read more

Famous Hairstyles Through Out History

Queen Elizabeth I

The hair is a person’s crowning jewel, and it’s only fitting to make it fabulous. As fashion evolves, we also saw hairstyles evolve. Vintage curls take us back to Old Hollywood, while sleek and super-short bobs remind us of the 1920s flapper. Famous bangs, bobs, and curls found their way to salons … Read more

Famous Beards Through Out History

Santa Claus

There’s a lot of subjectivity when it comes to beards, but some remarkable men have sported seriously epic beards throughout history. From mutton chops to Van Dykes, to goatees, facial hair has been changing and growing through time. Here are some of the iconic beard looks embraced by the world’s memorable men: … Read more

The History of the Kimono

Japanese girl in kimono with parasol

Originally, the term “kimono” means “a thing to wear” in Japanese, and has come to denote any full-length robe. However, in recent years, “kimono” has come to mean a traditional dress and national costume of Japan. Historically, the Chinese were a significant and persistent influence on its neighboring countries such as Japan … Read more

Rain Essentials for Fashionable Women

Rain Essentials for Fashionable Women

  For women, the rainy weather may inhibit them from dressing up because being drenched in the rain will just ruin their outfits. But you don’t really have to worry about this because there are numerous rain essentials that can get you covered. Read on to find out what you need to … Read more

The History of Shoulder Pads

When we think of shoulder pads today, what usually comes into our minds are the overstated wear and funny photos of our relatives and friends in the 1980s. It was in the said time when power dressing with large shoulder pads reached its peak. However, these fashion pieces were more than just … Read more

Get Refreshing and Stylish with Colourful Tunics

Get Refreshing and Stylish with Colourful Tunics

Don’t make your routine boring by wearing the same type of clothes or dresses. The way you keep your mind positive and up by changing your thoughts, in the similar way, make your days rosy and lively with your dynamic dressing styles. Once you start to go through the variety, you are … Read more

The French Beret

The French beret is a popular fashion item worn all over the world and boasting of a French origin. It comes in different colors and could be won to various factions, all depending on the wearer’s sense of style and taste. Teh historical French beret was initially popularized by the French military … Read more

Do’s And Don’ts With Smart Casual Clothing

Nowadays, a huge number of companies and organizations are rejecting the strict formal attire code and preferring a more lenient smart casual dress code. The perspective of people towards clothing is changing and organizations are starting to support this change. But the ‘Smart Casual’ term sounds a little bit confusing, even though … Read more

7 Sandals for Women That Won’t Force You to Sacrifice Comfort for Style

Finding the best walking sandals for women isn’t always an easy task. You want to find something that’s comfortable, durable, and still stylish. However, you might find that some of the most comfortable walking sandals aren’t always the cutest. Or, the cutest womens sandals aren’t aways durable enough for every-day wear. Have … Read more

How To Apply Nail Polish Neatly

How To Apply Nail Polish Neatly

A girl makeup bag includes various products which include lipsticks, kajal, eyeliner, face creams, nail paints etc. but people like me who are very fond of long nails are crazy for nail paints. Without them, I think a girl’s life is not complete. There are various brands that provide a wide range … Read more

The Onesie – Its Definition and History

the history of the onesie

Nowadays, the “onesie” has become a popular term referring to a loose-fitting casual jumpsuit for adults. The history of the onesie dates back further than you may think. If you are a fan of onesies, you might find its history pretty interesting. The onesie is usually made of knit cotton (the material … Read more

What Is the Difference Between “Vintage” and “Retro” Clothing?

vintage and retro clothing

The terms “vintage” and “retro” refer to the descriptive style of anything “old” or “antique” – music, movies, clothing, architecture, furniture, automobiles, etc. This article explores the vintage and retro clothing styles and their differences. Both vintage and retro clothing styles evoke quaintness and nostalgia. While a lot of people love modern … Read more

The History of the Cowboy Hat

cowboy hat and boots

  When you think of cowboys, the first thing that will come to your mind is their iconic hat that comes in different colors like brown, beige, white, and black. The cowboy hat has been a staple headwear for ranchers and farmers on the southern and western parts of the United States … Read more