Discover These Amazing, Strange, and Unusual Blue Animals

Morpho Butterfly is blue.

Planet Earth has always been full of mysteries, and every day, we come to know more of them. The new discoveries do not seem to end at any point. One such discovery has been of the different types of blue animals of the world. As much as this seems shocking, it is … Read more

What is the History of Baby Throwing in India?

A Priest holding an infant from a height 

India is famous for the strange and unusual ceremonies that are held in most of its cities. These weird traditions include Nag Panchami, marriage with animals like dogs, Bhai Dooj, Thaipoosam, and many more. However, the weird tradition that we are going to talk about is baby throwing or baby tossing in … Read more

What is the History of Famadihana Dancing with the Dead?

Famadihana reburial turning of the bones in Madagascar 

You would have seen tremendous ceremonies and festivals being celebrated in different cultures. People celebrate happiness, right? But you would be shocked to read about some very unusual and strange ceremonies that people celebrate even in the 21st century.  Ceremonies that are about events like marriage, birth, or beliefs are common to … Read more

What is the History behind Lip Stretching in Africa?

A Mursi woman wearing a lip plate

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What is Qasr al-Farid, and Why Was it Abandoned?

The Mada’in Salih

In the middle of the vast desert landscape of northeastern Saudi Arabia, you’ll find a rock standing tall, but once you look around, you’ll see a tomb carved on that very same rock. Also known as the “lonely castle,” Qasr Al-Farid is one of the well-known monuments of the Madain Saleh archeological … Read more

Learn the Interesting History of Teotihuacán

Ancient pyramid of Teotihuacan

Our world contains the strangest things and places that somehow leave people breathless with how well preserved and simply passing the test of time. Stonehenge, Pyramid of Giza, and Moai are some of the few places that piqued the majority’s interest, and for a good reason. Unraveling strange places like this always … Read more

Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths

Whitney singing in a concert

Sudden and untimely deaths are never easy to accept, especially when people with great reputations die much sooner in a tragic way. Over the years, there have been several shocking celebrity demises. We are writing this article in honor of the late celebrities who had the most unexpected deaths that the public … Read more