Choosing the Best Magnetic Screens Doors for Keeping Bugs Away


Warm weather means lots of activities to and from the yard, patio, and deck. However, when bugs invade your house, such as flies in the ointment, they can buzz in your face, land on your food, sting, bite, and even ruin your day. The magnetic screens door can help you outplay insects by quickly shutting before they can follow you behind.

In addition, these doors are effective for keeping away dirt and dust while still letting in natural light, breeze, and fresh air. Ideal magnetic screen doors feature panels with robust magnets stitched like a mesh net. The panels join together at the center like a theatre curtain.

After passing through the screen door, its magnets attract each other, closing the door quickly and silently at the edge. Due to this automatic shut function, quality retractable screen doors are ideal for an active family with kids and pets.

What To Consider When Selecting The Best Magnetic Screen Door

To shop smart for the best magnetic screen door, consider the following factors:


Magnetic screen doors are no exception when it comes to precise measurements needed to replace a door successfully. To determine the right size of your door screen, take the width, the entrance length, and the existing door measurements.

Some brands come in one size only, but most provide multiple widths and lengths. If your door gets between standard sizes, you can be able to adjust a large model to fit.

Measure the doorway width from the left side of the doorpost to the right side. Then, measure the entrance height from the ground to the top doorpost. To determine the right mesh door for your doorway, compare the width-by-length measurement you have taken to regular screen door sizes.


Polyester and fiberglass are the primary materials used to make the mesh on the magnetic screen doors. But ABS plastic may be used to increase durability on specially created magnetic screen doors for pets. The most common frame materials for these doors are wood and metal.

Fiberglass mesh: This is preferred by most people since the material allows adequate fresh air to circulate in and through the house. Although it is a bit expensive, fiberglass mesh is more durable, making it a better option in regions with heavy traffic, such as a sunroom or back door.

Polyester mesh: The polyester mesh is more affordable, easier to see through, and allows more sunlight than fiberglass. However, it tends to be less durable, so if you choose polyester, look for the one with a higher fiber count since it is of good quality and efficacy.

Metal frames: These are durable and insusceptible to temperature changes. However, these frames are typically attached to the home’s wooden framing. At this hem, the frame is vulnerable to corrosion, rusting, and moisture accumulation. When dealing with metal frames, set up a hanging screen door using Velcro or adhesives since nails and tacks tend to loosen over time.

Wooden doorposts: Wooden doorposts can be susceptible to expanding and cracking when exposed to shallow temperatures or high humidity. Furthermore, wood can be vulnerable to burrowing insects, such as termites and carpenter ants.

If you are looking for an easy and quick way to install a portal at any of your home entrances while keeping bugs out and letting fresh air in, consider looking for magnetic screens doors. More so, make sure to take the correct doorways’ width and length measurements before choosing between less expensive polyester and premium fiberglass mesh.


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