Choosing the Perfect Lawn Ornaments for your Yard


Your lawn doesn’t have to be lush green for you to appreciate its beauty. Filling it up with your favorite lawn ornaments is a sure way to express your personal preference, taste, and style. However, before you get on the internet and order a bunch of painted decorations for your backyard, here’s how to choose the perfect lawn ornaments for your home, according to

1. Pay more attention to the theme

If you are going to choose lawn ornaments you have to make a decision. You cannot go for everything and expect your lawn to look aesthetically appealing. Pick a theme, whether its color, animal, eclectic, formal, or any other theme you feel will best represent whatever you want to communicate to the world, and be consistent with that theme throughout your lawn. If you are looking for a simple formal look, try putting a lone sculpture at the center. However, if you want something conspicuous, you can try putting a pink flamingo or any other eye-catcher right in the middle of the lawn. Just remember that cluttering your lawn with several of them will not only look sloppy but also silly.

2. Look at the size and proportion of your lawn

You need to approach your lawn the same way you would the interior décor of your home. Decorating your home would require you to consider the amount of space and proportion you have available. Considering the space and perspective is important no matter the theme you choose. You don’t want your ornaments looking too small or too big relative to the amount of space available. The proportion is very important in this case.

3. Keep in mind that you’ll still be mowing your lawn

You can have a huge stone sculpture of your favorite superhero standing in the middle of your lawn or crowd your backyard with all the ornaments you can find. However, you have to remember that your ornaments won’t need moving but your grass will. So, if you are going to place your ornaments in the middle of the garden, then you need to consider how you’re going to mow around them. If they are delicate ornaments, you may need to be a little bit more careful when mowing the grass around them. To make it easier on your part, you may want to remove the delicate ones and place them in specific areas of your lawn where there is no grass. That way, you’re free to mow your lawn without worrying about possible damage to these fragile items.

4. Choose theft-resistant ornaments

While nothing is really theft-resistant or immune to theft, there is always something you can do to protect your property from theft. Do whatever you can to protect your ornaments from theft even if it means having heavier ornaments that are harder to lift and walk off with. Similarly, base mounted ornaments can stay anchored in the ground and lower the risk of theft. Invest in motion sensors that light up the area and cameras to deter potential thieves. You can also attach your ornaments on a concrete base or put a GPS tracker in them.

These are some of the ways you can choose the perfect lawn ornaments for your home. If you are having trouble doing so you can ask a professional landscaper to help you.

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