Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue


Finding the right wedding venue could be quite stressful. Couples who are about to get married pay attention to the slightest detail when it’s about their wedding party. The Vines of the Yarra Valley Weddings is one of Australia’s most exclusive wedding venues, allowing you to customize your party to your liking.

However, there are many things to consider about your wedding venue before you finally decide and pay your down payment.

Know Your Budget

Not all venues can adapt their prices to your budget. For that reason, you should know your financial abilities and how much you can afford to spend per guest. There are no limits to the money you can spend on your wedding day. However, most young couples would like to throw a memorable party on their wedding day without getting in debt to please their guests.

Prepare the Guestlist Early Enough

Knowing the number of people you will invite to your ballroom reception is important. Not all wedding venues have the same guest capacity. It’s also necessary to inform the venue manager about the exact number of your guests so you can negotiate better prices.

Many venues have separate rooms to accommodate multiple wedding receptions at the same time. When your guest list is complete many months before the wedding, you will surely get a better price and unique customization for the venue.

Choose the Right Area

Your wedding venue could be near the seashore or in the city centre. Choosing the right area will make it easier for your guests to arrange their commute to and from the venue. The venue location means a lot for your wedding reception’s success.

Create A Reception That Matches Your Unique Style

Every couple has different lifestyles that reflect the way they consider their wedding reception theme. Nowadays, it’s popular to have a specific style for your wedding venue. That makes the reception a lot more classy and unique. Your guests will appreciate the work you have put in to impress them and ensure they have a memorable time celebrating your joy of matrimony.

Insist on Renting Licensed Venues

Many newlyweds have received negative comments about renting a non-licensed venue. It’s necessary to ask your venue manager for the state license to organize and perform wedding receptions. That will save you time and money in case an unexpected inconvenience happens at the reception.

All licensed venues are insured and give you full liability coverage for all potential accidents related to the room or the food and drinks served.

Ensure Your Wedding Venue is Pet Friendly

Some of your guests may like to come to your wedding reception accompanied by their pets. It’s not uncommon to see guests bringing along their cats and dogs to celebrate your big day and take photos. That’s why you should consider a pet-friendly wedding venue with designated areas to address pets’ most common needs while other guests have fun.

Look For Variable Availability Dates

Your perfect wedding venue could have limited availability for your desired dates. That’s why you should be flexible about your wedding day when you have chosen to rent a particular venue. Remember that most people choose Saturdays as their preferred wedding days. If you are flexible enough to choose Friday or any other weekday, you have a higher chance to rent your dream venue at a better price.

Always Test the Catering Quality

Before making an unconditional offer to your desired wedding venue, you should try their catering services to gauge quality. Many wedding venues host caterers who have years of experience serving guests and preparing impressive buffets. Venue managers would be more than happy to invite you to one of their hosted events to show you the quality of service in real life. However, it wouldn’t be smart to deal with a specific venue without knowing the food quality and the service speed.

The perfect wedding venue is one that pleases you and your guests with ample room for all planned activities. That is why you must invest in a good event planner to ensure your special day runs as smoothly as possible. It certainly takes some time and dedication to find the right wedding venue.

However, wedding venues are worth the time spent since they host memorable receptions. Preparing for your wedding day is a lot easier when dealing with a professional wedding venue that offers customized and accredited services to the public.


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