Christmas Gifts Guide: For Someone, You Don’t Know Much


There is not much time left until Christmas. During this time, many of us have to close up work projects, organize a celebration, take care of a difficult weekend vacation, decorate the house, and buy gifts for loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Surely there will be a few people on the list whom you don’t know much about. To quickly resolve the situation, we have created a gift guide.

Do recommend

High-end interior gifts

A painting by a young artist is sure to find a place in any home or office. Take note that a lot of brands now produce limited-edition pieces in collaboration with contemporary artists. Works of art are better to buy directly from the author, in a workshop, or at a street exhibition.

Unique experience

Pre-paid tour to an exotic country or chance to fly on the balloon. It is always good to give something exotic or exciting. Even a wealthy person enjoys new positive emotions like a child. But it’s very important to arrange an open date for such entertainment.


Anything that improves health. Successful people take meticulous care of their bodies. Perhaps a paid visit to a Tibetan doctor or an air ionizer will please them the most. A massage chair or a certificate for a Thai massage. A woman will like a subscription to the spa, of course, complemented by a festive bouquet.

Collector’s items

Antique or collector’s items. For a collector, there is nothing more pleasant than the opportunity to add to your collection. If someone has a passion for handmade dolls, then your gift will be appreciated above all others. As an option – a gold bullion or gold coin would be a great gift because it is a great investment.

Don’t recommend


There is no need to buy Chinese fakes of the leading brands. Being cheap and disguised when choosing a gift is not worth it. A person surely will notice the plagiarism and will be disappointed. It is better to give something you need within the available budget.

Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts can only be given to close friends and relatives. For colleagues at work or your boss, it is better to choose something neutral and discreet.

Funny gifts

Too rude and silly jokes, pranks, and performances of cheap animators – the unsuccessful gift. But the right joke, chosen with heart, will certainly be appropriate and will cause a smile and gratitude.

Personal gifts

Gifts that are too personal: cosmetics, underwear, socks, perfumes, hygiene products of any brand, stationery. Bedding and crockery of any kind. Jewelry is not welcomed too unless you are a relative.


Often, people just do not have enough communication and warmth. So it’s important to show how much you care and how valuable the time you spend together is, keep this in mind and you’ll find a lot of great gift options! And our guide will help you to choose the right one.


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