Commonly Asked Questions Regarding a Gold Loan


When it comes to financial literacy, gold loans are a popular topic of conversation among the world’s burgeoning middle class. Our goal is to discuss and answer the most frequently asked questions about the online gold loan in this section.

1. What is a Gold Loan?

As the name suggests, a gold loan is one in which the borrower pledges a specific amount of gold in exchange for a loan amount (also known as the loan-to-value or LTV). The gold operates as security or asset in the same way as it would in a conventional secured loan.

2. What kind of jewellery or coins may You put up as collateral for a gold loan?

A maximum of 50 grams of bank-minted (24-karat) gold coins per customer can be funded using Rupeek’s only acceptable gold ornaments (18-22 karat). Gold cufflinks, hair clips, gold watch, gold strap, gold idols, gold utensils, jewelry with more than 50% deduction, thread Mangalsutra, white gold, diamond jewelry, Imitation jewelry, Ginni, and gold bars are all examples of non-funded commodities/articles.

3. What are the documents that You need to submit?

As long as you have a bank account and proof of identity, Rupeek gold loans are easy to get. If you don’t have these documents, you’ll need to show confirmation of your identity and where you live. A utility bill or a leasing agreement must be presented in addition to this.

4. Do You need to be an existing customer of the bank to take a gold loan?

You don’t even have to be a current customer of the bank to apply. However, we encourage customers to form a savings bank/current account facility with the bank when taking out a Gold Loan so that they can benefit from the bank’s banking services as well as ease the process of repaying the loan.

5. How much gold loan amount can you avail?

Amount of the loan: Rs. 20,000/- as a minimum At the Bank’s discretion, a single customer, family, or group may borrow up to Rs. 1,50,00,000/- at any given time.

6. Do You need a guarantor to avail of the gold loan?

There is no need for a guarantor.

7. What are the different modes of disbursement for gold loans?

Customers’ other bank accounts can be used for disbursement, which can be done via wire transfer, NEFT, or RTGS (real-time fund transfer).

8. Can You avail of an EMI facility on a gold loan?

Yes, the EMI facility on a gold loan can be used for a maximum of 48 months. In equal monthly payments, principal and interest are to be repaid. After six months, the EMI can be pre-closed without incurring Pre-closure expenses. EMI loans can be topped up with additional funds.

9. What is the rate of interest applicable on a gold loan?

The lender determines the rate of interest on a gold loan.

10. How long does it take to process a Gold Loan?

When Rupeek provides the needed KYC paperwork and two coloured pictures, his gold loan can be approved in 90 to 120 minutes on average.

11. What is the repayment tenure of a gold loan?

A one-year contract with the Bullet Scheme (Can be renewed for a further period of 24 Months with the same loan documents with a request letter for renewal from the customer.) Tenure options for the EMI Scheme range from 12 to 48 months.

12. What are the benefits of taking a gold loan with Kotak?

The entire gold loan process, from appraisal to disbursement, is handled in full view of the consumer by Rupeek.

13. Is a CIBIL score required for a gold loan?

When applying for a Rupeek gold loan, you will not be asked to provide your CIBIL score.


You can use your jewelry as collateral to secure an online gold loan if you need financial aid amid a financial crisis and aren’t ready or prepared to sell. Fast money is easy to come by with this method. The low-interest rate and quick processing of a gold loan make it more popular than other types of loans.


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