Convincing Reasons to Use Foldable, Reusable Shopping Bags


Gone are the days of flimsy plastic shopping bags, which were once the most popular option worldwide. However, the plastic bag bill was implemented in 2015 and since there has been a 90% decrease in the utilization of plastic bags, with retailers and customers the same rather putting resources into foldable, reusable shopping bags.

What’s more, in this blog, we’ll discuss the ecological, financial, and pragmatic advantages that foldable reusable shopping bags have to offer to both you and your customers.

They Are Handy

It’s a fact that at its very core, the purpose of a bag is to be functional. For shopping bags, that practical reason is to guarantee the safety of our shopping, be it a basic food item shop to a touch of window shopping in our preferred retail outlet. What’s more, foldable reusable shopping bags offer an entire host of pragmatic advantages.

Right off the bat, reusable and eco-friendly bags give your customers a much stronger and durable arrangement as compared to the old plastic bags. They won’t tear as soon they get stuck on something. Why? Because the more grounded material makes it more resistant to breaks when you’ve filled your shopping bag to the last point.

Owing to the use of different materials, including canvas and cotton, reusable shopping bags regularly accompany ergonomic handles. This lets you effortlessly convey your bags with inconvenience, regardless of the weight.

These are generally greater in size than the old dispensable plastic bags. You just need a couple of reusable bags, that can undoubtedly be collapsed. Likewise, they’ll consume less space in your customers’ homes, than the 50 plastic bags they use to store in a cabinet or organizer in some place.

Furthermore, in case you have a cool and out of control logo and color palette, an all-around structured reusable and eco-accommodating can turn into a design element for your customers, guaranteeing your brand is seen wherever they go.

Financial Benefits

The plastic bag bill expanded the expense of plastic bags for both retailers and customers, making the acquisition of foldable, reusable bags all the more engaging.

The normal person will consume around 13,000 plastic bags over his lifetime. Considering a 5p cost for each, that amounts up to a lump sum of £650 budget on plastic bags!

Conversely, the normal reusable bag cost between 50p-£1, yet it has a lifetime of around 500 or more plastic bags, which means you can give a base sparing of up to £624 to your customers. Since whether they purchased another reusable bag every 500 uses for £1, it would just cost them £26 for an amazing entire.

For what reason is this significant? Your customers are always seeking ways to save some bucks wherever possible. Hence giving them a glimpse of this critical cost-saving benefit, you can actually impress them.


The greatest advantage of switching to eco-friendly, reusable bags over the customary plastic bag originates from the natural effect. Furthermore, during a time of online media where one negative episode can immediately fan out quickly over the web and truly harm your business’ notoriety, anything you can do to secure and profit nature is a decent move.

Plastic bags can take somewhere in the range of 15 years to an enormous 1,000 years to deteriorate, which means they lastingly affect nature. Every year, plastic trash causes much-untamed life passing from fowls to the ocean creatures.

On the contrary, foldable reusable shopping bags are produced from a large group of effectively biodegradable materials, for example, canvas and jute.

In this way, there you have multiple motivations to consider small or large reusable shopping bags that benefit both your business and your customers. Now it’s time to switch to the eco-friendly option today!

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