Countries that Make the Most Money out of Gambling


Gambling is one of the most controversial matters in most countries. Some people see it as a threat to their economic and social well-being, while others view it as a fun activity. Multiple countries across the world have continued to legalize betting while also putting in place rules and laws that regulate the industry.

Benefits of Betting to a Country

With the appropriate regulation, gambling plays a vital role in the economic development, according to data on gambling industry revenue by country. Some of the benefits associated with gambling include:

  • Employment opportunities

Casinos employ people in various capacities to ensure the smooth running of activities. These jobs offer a guaranteed source of income that gets spent in the local economy.

  • Infrastructure development

Casino owners ensure that they develop the infrastructure in their environment to attract customers.

  • Tax benefits

Casinos and other gambling institutions generate significant tax revenue, which helps improve education, healthcare, etc.

  • Economic spillover

When people visit casinos, they purchase food, drinks, and other items from nearby businesses, thus increasing sales.

This article will cover countries that make the most money from gambling. These countries also happen to be the biggest gambling countries in the world.


From big games to small lotteries, gambling is legal here. Lotteries offer a chance to win more than $1 billion in prizes every year. The country legalized betting in 1977. The government has made it easy for people to access lottery licenses in this country. Currently, 17 autonomous communities place bets on various games in Spain.

China and Macau

State lotteries, Mahjong, physical casinos, and sports betting are some of the gambling activities legalized in China. However, digital gambling is prohibited in China’s cities. Poker generates an annual income of $50 billion in China, while casinos generate over $21 billion in revenue in Macau. China records a significant engagement of the youth in gambling activities.

United Kingdom

The UK boasts of one of the places with the highest number of active gamblers in the world. The government allows people aged above 18 years to place bets and win rewards. The Gambling Act of 2005 allows digital, culture, media, and sports gamblers to play. The government collects significant tax revenue from casinos and other betting venues in the country.


Ireland is famous for horse racing. For this reason, horse race betting is very popular. Besides sports betting, people also play poker, blackjack, bingo, slots, as well as lotteries in Ireland.


Australian people are fond of betting. You’ll find countless poker machines in casinos in Australia. 7.7% of the total revenue from all cities in this country comes from gambling. Approximately 80% of adults engage in some form of gambling. Besides playing in casinos, people also bet on sports such as horse racing.

United States of America

There US Federal law has put in place regulations to keep online gambling in check. Different cities have different approaches towards legalizing gambling. Nevada and Louisiana are the most common states where people play casino games.

Some states, such as New Jersey, Mississippi, and Atlantic City, do not offer licenses to casinos. The gambling industry in the United States provides more than 1.8 million jobs and $ 261.4 billion in business sales. The sector also remits $40.8 billion in tax revenues annually.


The Singapore Tourist Board estimates that foreigners spend over $1.5 billion annually playing poker games and betting. The country offers vast opportunities for gamblers to win big. Marina Bay is one of the most prominent places in Singapore where you can find multiple table games and slot machines. However, some forms of gambling are restricted in Singapore.

Final Thoughts

While gambling can be hazardous if not enjoyed responsibly, one of its positive sides is economic development. Most countries continue to allow different forms of betting within their borders, hence growing the gambling industry.

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