Dental tourism


The economic situation around the globe is such that sometimes, it is more affordable to obtain certain services abroad rather than acquire them in your home country. Dental tourism is exactly the case. Very often, people visit Europe for more affordable dental implants, veneers, and teeth whitening, as well as some other supplementary services.

Apart from the opportunity to save the buck, it is, actually, very convenient. Just imagine: you travel to Europe on your vacation, gain new experiences from visiting beautiful places, and, at the same time, improve your overall health and look. What can be better than combining the pleasant with the useful?

Is Lisbon an appropriate city for dental tourism?

Among all the possible options, Portugal attracts a lot of dental tourists. There are several reasons:

  • The professionalism of dentists in Lisbon is at the same level as in the USA. However, as mentioned earlier, dental treatments are significantly cheaper.
  • This location is easily accessible as many international flights connect it with numerous countries around the globe.
  • Lisbon is a beautiful city with a rich history and a developed tourist industry. People are attracted not only to the perspective of acquiring special packages of treatment, like All on Four, but also to the opportunity to immerse themselves in magnificent European culture and traditions.

What services are available?

Lisbon clinics offer a lot of options to improve teeth condition:

  • Dental implants
  • Ceramic All-On-4 Implants
  • Acrylic prostheses
  • Fixed prostheses
  • Veneers

The popular All-On-4 service implies that, within the scope of this one package, you will receive all the necessary procedures for the installation of four implants.

In summary, dental tourism is a popular way to improve the health of their teeth for many individuals. Lisbon has numerous clinics where the level of quality of dental treatments is among the highest in the world. The scope of the available services is wide: from teeth whitening to veneers and dental implants. Everyone will be able to find the necessary treatment according to their personal preferences.

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