Discover The Best One-pot Wonders That Will Keep Cooking Simple


There is nothing better than sitting down in a nice restaurant with a delicious meal in front of you. It’s an opportunity to sample great food and you don’t need to prepare it or tidy afterwards.

In fact, that’s a large part of why eating out is so attractive and the food tastes so good. Let’s face it; most people don’t relish the thought of slaving in the kitchen after a long day at work.

Fortunately, you don’t need to!

What you need are the right recipes and the right equipment. It’s time to invest in a crumble, that’s a Dutch oven which is about to make your life much simpler.

Why A Crumble?

The Dutch oven is designed for easy cooking. All you need is a little time in the morning or the night before to cut the ingredients. Stick them in your crumble pot and you can leave them to cook. It works best when you set a timer on your oven and allow the Dutch oven to cook your food slowly.

The best part is that it’s ready when you want it, and the pot is surprisingly easy to clean. That means you can enjoy healthy food at home almost effortlessly.

Here are some of the best one-pot wonders you can try:

Italian Chicken

Pasta, chicken, and almost anything else you want to add to create the perfect sauce. It’s finger-lickin’ good!

Paprika Chicken and lentil

Cooks in just 50 minutes and all you need to do is drop the chicken in the pan with some lemon zest, saffron, chili, paprika, olive oil, mushrooms, chicken stock, tomatoes, and lentils. Your Dutch oven will take care of everything else.

Marmalade Sausages

You’ll need sausages, marmalade, onion, a little oil, and any other garnish you want. The smell is heavenly!

Seafood Stew

The beauty about this is that you can choose your favorite seafood and spices and pop them in the pan with a little oil, stock, and seasoning. It really is that simple!

Chicken & Wild Rice

As the title suggests, this recipe principally focuses on chicken and wild rice. You’ll want some stock, coconut oil, garlic, and a variety of spices to get your perfect flavor. You should note this one takes just over two hours to cook.

Pork With Lemon & Herb

What could be easier than putting some pork in your Dutch oven with stock, a few baby potatoes, and an array of your favorite spices? It may take as long as five hours to cook, but the result is definitely worth it.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of investing in a Dutch oven isn’t just that it makes it easy to prepare a wide variety of meals. It also makes it very easy to experiment, allowing you to try new recipes and tweak existing ones to suit your preferences.

If you haven’t already invested, it’s time you did and started enjoying high-quality, healthy food with almost no effort.




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