Do Car Covers Protect Cars From Snow?


Snow is an unfortunate reality for much of the country, but it doesn’t have to be piled on your car. You can’t always park your car in the comfort and safety of your garage, so find out how an outdoor car cover can protect it from snow and other weather conditions. Shop for an airtight car cover or other style of protective device to prepare for year-round weather. Don’t let a little snow damage your paint or create a frustrating morning routine before you can drive your vehicle safely.

How Do Outdoor Car Covers Protect Your Vehicle

There are a wide range of dangers that your car or truck can face when parked outdoors. It’s not always possible to avoid outdoor parking, but when you do your car can face these factors that can cause water marks, scratches and faded paint:

  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Hail
  • Falling sticks and debris
  • Animal droppings and footprints
  • Direct sunlight

Combat moisture issues with water resistant custom truck covers and car covers. A waterproof cover doesn’t offer the breathability your vehicle needs, but a highly water resistant cover can protect your vehicle from rain and snow. Excessive moisture can cause water spots on your paint. Piled snow can also turn into ice, which is difficult and frustrating to remove from your vehicle. You can’t avoid snow falling, but you can keep it off the surface of your vehicle by using an outdoor-rated car cover.

Hail, falling debris and animals can all cause dents, dings and scratches. A car cover can’t protect against the worst cases of these dangers, but it can soften the blow. Small hail and sticks won’t affect your vehicle due to the padded, multi-layer surface of your car cover. Bird droppings are highly corrosive and can eat through your paint if left on your vehicle.

Finally, UV rays fade your paint and affect your car wax. Direct sunlight can also dangerously heat up the interior of your vehicle. It can fade your dashboard, dry out your leather seats and damage your upholstery. Enjoy a stunning exterior and brilliant color on your favorite vehicle with a UV-resistant cover.

How To Remove Snow From Your Car Cover

Snow accumulation on your car cover is easier to remove than from your car, but it’s important to do so cautiously. Over time, snow can thaw and freeze, causing it to turn to ice. A layer of snow over a thick layer of ice is considerably heavier than just snow, so be prepared for heavy blocks of ice as you remove your cover.

Use a snow brush or leaf blower to remove snow from your cover. Do so carefully to avoid excessive movement of your cover on top of your vehicle. Once you remove your cover, your vehicle may still have some frost on the windshield if there was moisture trapped under the snow. Start your vehicle and let it fully heat up to avoid driving with poor visibility.

Shop for the original California Car Duster and a leading outdoor car cover for year-round protection. Prevent the worst effects of snow, rain, and sunlight as you park your vehicle outdoors.

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