Do I choose a stronger or flame arrester if the catalytic converter has failed?


After a vehicle gets about 90,000 to 120,000 miles on it, the catalytic converter experience clogging and fails. Having ceased to perform its functions, this exhaust system element can harm the vehicle engine, so it will need to be replaced to prevent such major damage.

A broken converter can be handed over to the buy-up. Cadillac converter scrap prices (and other brands) can be checked right before the sale since they change due to exchange rate fluctuations. The cost of the converter is based on precious metals in its composition, which depends on the vehicle brand and the condition of the part.


It is not always possible to buy a new catalyst due to the high cost of the element. A stronger is an alternative option. This equipment is to be welded to the exhaust system. It ensures the safe emission of exhaust gases.

The stronger looks like a metal pipe with a special spiral structure inside. Such a structure ensures the safe operation of this element in the exhaust system.

Let us look at the advantages of installing a stronger:

  • the engine load is reduced;
  • high performance of the element;
  • affordable replacement option instead of the original converter.

The only challenge is to install the stronger properly. It is recommended to contact a specialized service station since incorrect installation can cause adverse consequences during the subsequent operation of the vehicle.

Commutator flame arrester

Commutator flame arrester cost more than a regular flame arrester or stronger. But it is still cheaper than a new catalytic converter.

The commutator spark arrester manufacturing process is similar to the resonator one – one of the lower parts of the arrester has the shape of a funnel. All parts are made of stainless steel with high heat resistance, so the item is able to withstand high temperatures.

Here are some advantages offered by a commutator flame arrester:

  • reduces the temperature of the exhaust gas when passing through the duct, thus improving the service life of the resonator and muffler;
  • the sound of the car engine is reduced.

These useful features improve the driving experience and other performance characteristics.


Re-flashing the software after removing the failed catalytic converter enables you to remove the oxygen sensor installed after the converter from the algorithm is. After the re-flashing procedure, the error alarm will not light on the vehicle dashboard anymore.

It is up to the vehicle owner what option to choose to replace the worn-out catalytic converter. You should take into account your budget and vehicle technical specifications. For example, some vehicle software cannot be reconfigured, thus there might be fewer options of alternatives to the catalytic converter to choose from.

The solution will affect the performance of the exhaust system, as well as the entire vehicle.

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