Do You Believe Taping Your Mouth Will Help Sleep Quality? A Quick Look!


Scroll down social media videos on sleep, and you will find discussions around mouth tape. Like many other promoted items, it makes you wonder if this practice is helpful or a sham. Before getting into this, one must know that sleep specialists stress nasal breathing for multiple reasons, of which sleep is essential. When you tape your mouth, you automatically start using your nose for respiration instead of your mouth. So, it is the purported use of the mouth tape. With this simple hack, you can enjoy many other health aspects. How does it work?

Mouth taping involves using a medical-grade strip to cover the lips from top to bottom before retiring for the day. Because the lips are closed, you use your nostrils when you sleep. Let’s explore its benefits and some more insights before trying one.

  • Mouth tape uses

One of the most apparent areas of use can be sleep apnea. Sleep apnea patients are mostly recommended CPAP machines with a mask for continuous oxygen delivery to keep their airways open and blood circulation regular. However, many sleep with open mouths even after wearing the mask. As a result, they suffer from air loss, which, in turn, culminates into sleep disruption and dry mouth. Although chin straps are available with CPAP machines to hold the mouth together, some patients find it messy and uncomfortable. These patients can benefit from mouth tapes.

Another perfect candidate for this sleep accessory is someone with snoring problems. Palate muscle, throat tissues, and tongue relax when you sleep. It can obstruct the air passage and cause vibrations when you inhale and exhale. Those vibrations lead to snoring. The situation can worsen if you sleep with a gasping mouth. The tissues and muscles can interrupt the airway more, intensifying snoring. But sealing your mouth will help you breathe through the nose and reduce snoring. Snoring is not just a problem for those who snore but also for bed partners. It can affect everyone’s sleep easily.

Interestingly, there are also claims about oral health improvement. Breathing from the mouth can cause dryness, promoting a safe environment for bacterial growth. Plus, you can anticipate issues like bad breath and cavities to occur. With a mouth tape, you can prevent all this hassle-free.

  • Selection of mouth tape

Many options are available, but the focus should be picking the best. A breathable, hypoallergenic, and lightweight material is always preferable. It will protect the skin from irritation and other discomforts. Although uncut tapes are accessible, you can opt for a mess-free experience with H-shaped strips. These are specifically designed for sleep improvement. You can put them vertically or horizontally based on your lip shape and size. Plus, some of them are also easy to peel off and discard.

Anecdotal evidence demonstrates the popularity of mouth tapes among users. Many claim to enjoy peaceful sleep and have their mouths moist with enough saliva to protect them from bacteria. If you have mild sleep problems, try this home remedy to check its efficiency. Others can consult their physicians to understand if it will help their condition.

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