Do you need couples counseling? Find out here

If you are always fighting with your significant other, find that you don’t enjoy each other’s company anymore, and are more stressed-out than happy when spending time together, this is a sure sign that something is wrong in the relationship.

Even when you don’t have extreme problems, small issues can build up to bigger problems that may need a third party’s advice to help you find solutions to your arguments. By using a therapist, you can talk through concerns and issues that are hurting your confidence in one another, relationship happiness, and longevity of your commitment.

Ten signs you need couples counseling

You fight constantly

If you and your partner can’t seem to talk to one another without fighting, getting mad at each other, or picking a fight, you need to find a better way to communicate without getting instantly mad. Couples will always have fights, but constant fighting is not a healthy way to disagree with one another. Couples counseling helps you find respectful ways to voice your problems without fighting.

You feel like the other person doesn’t understand

If you feel like you can’t get your point across and your partner doesn’t understand what you are trying to say, this is a sign that your communication is off. If what you are saying is far away from what your partner is understanding, going to couples counseling can help you get on the same page.

You pretend everything is great

If you constantly say to your friends – and to yourself – that everything is fine, you are ignoring the problems and trying to put on a happy face. If you ignore important issues, you will end up keeping your feelings inside until they explode.

The same issues keep appearing

Suppose you always nag your partner about the same issues, or find that your arguments are constantly revolving around the same topics. In that case, couples counseling can help you find constructive methods to figuring out the root cause of your issues.

You are not on the same page regarding intimacy

If you don’t enjoy contact with one another, or intimacy in other forms, going to couples counseling can help determine why you are guarded with your partner.

You have different opinions about financial spending

This is a huge issue in relationships today. If you find that you have different spending habits than your partner, and this is causing a strain in your relationship, going to couples counseling can help you understand ways to compromise regarding your financial situation.

You want different things from the relationship

If you want a long-term partner, but your boyfriend or girlfriend wants a casual relationship, you may find yourself getting into arguments. To find out where the relationship is headed, go to couples counseling to understand each other’s views of the relationship.


When finding out if couples counseling is right for you, you need to see if you and your partner have any of the telltale signs of something wrong in your relationship. If you are constantly fighting, having trouble communicating, and have different viewpoints regarding your relationship, these are all signs of something off in your partnership.