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If your best friend is a furry and playful four-legged friend, you want to know about dog food and how to make them happy. Dogs are so glad when they have a playmate and if they are correctly fed. However, how much a dog should eat is a question that worries all four-legged owners. Usually, you can find specifications on the Royal Canin product packaging regarding the feeding amounts. Still, it is always good to have additional information to know that you are offering the best possible nutrition for your pet.

How Much Royal Canin Food Should a Dog Eat?

As a general observation, the daily amount of Royal Canin food a dog should eat will vary depending on age, daily physical activity, and food quality. Many puppy owners do not know what kind of food to give their pets, but it is much more important to know the necessary amount. That is calculated based on race, weight, and age. Poor-quality food does not contain the required nutrients per serving, as does the case of excellent food. Thus, your dog has to eat more to assimilate valuable and necessary nutrients for his body.

The Recommended Amount of Dog Food Based on Its Age

When it is young, you must give your dog food with high energy and varied nutrients, which also tend to stimulate the animal’s natural defense, so necessary at the age of development. You can get advice from the veterinarian or in specialized stores regarding the most suitable dog food according to the type of dog you own because different breeds may require specialized food products. When calculating how much food to give your dog, you need to consider his health status. Some dogs can be completely healthy o no problems there, but some have different health problems. Check this article to see the best dog food for Dalmatians in 2023.

That is precisely why they must have a different diet because some breeds may need more protein to keep their muscular system healthy. Some bred could even need to take different sorts o supplements with their ordinary meals or be on a strict diet. In giant dog breeds, additional calcium should be provided in the diet to support these animals’ rapid growth. Please consult your veterinarian about what supplements you should give your dog depending on its breed, apart from the usual ones in its diet. As you can see, dogs can encounter a lot health problems as much as people do.

Be Careful About the Amount of Water Your Dog Drinks

Be Careful About the Amount of Water Your Dog Drinks

You should use dog food from the adult food range for adult dogs. Knowing the dog’s weight and physical activity is essential to provide the correct dose. You should offer your dog two daily meals and take note of his daily water needs. The amounts of food can vary depending on a dog’s behavior and energy needs. The dog must remain active through physical exercises. Many factors affect their physical condition, so you must reduce the amount of food administered to prevent obesity.

The range of foods labeled senior is ideal for this stage when our pet does not need so many calories for everyday life. As the amount of calories decreases, you should continue to offer two portions of Royal Canin food per day. In principle, the quantities it will need are the same as the recommendations for adult dogs because the senior food contains a low level of fats. However, if you do not have this specialized food for advanced ages, you can use the food made for adult dogs and reduce the portion by 20%.

Wet Food or Dry Food?

When you don’t know what type of dog food is best for your non-verbal friend, you need more information to help you compare the benefits of wet and dry food. Grains are indeed easier to store and offer to the dog. In contrast, wet food contains less grain and more protein. Here are the other differences between them:

Advantages of Dry Food

  • it is easier for you to store and measure it,
  • it is beneficial for the dog’s gums and teeth,
  • they will have problems with intestinal transit,
  • it is indeed cheaper.

Disadvantages of Dry Food

  • some grains are sprinkled with fat, something extremely unhealthy, according to the American Institute for Animal Welfare
    may contain a lot of gluten

Advantages of Wet Food

  • it contains more proteins that are healthy only for certain breeds,
  • moisture is beneficial for a dog’s good hydration,
  • some breeds find it tastier,
  • canned Royal Canin goods have a longer shelf life if kept sealed.

Disadvantages of Wet Food

  • particular breeds assimilate food more quickly if you give them wet dog food
  • if you buy canned foods and open them, they will need to be kept in the fridge.

Food Forbidden to Give to Your Dogs

Food Forbidden to Give to Your Dogs

There is no tastier food than pork. If there is Royal Canin canned food, you are right. Otherwise, this is on the list of forbidden foods for all dogs because it is complicated to digest, and if it is raw, they can get sick. You may be surprised, but chicken bones are neither healthy because they can cause intestinal perforations. Also forbidden to dogs are vegetables that ferment, such as peas, beans, and potatoes. Onions and garlic can cause anemia, and mushrooms are toxic enough to cause death. Finally, it would be best not to give them fatty cheeses, such as processed or cottage cheese.

Most dogs are lactose intolerant, so the body cannot digest dairy sugars. These can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, or bloating. Cooked dog food is also not recommended because it usually contains spices that the dog’s body cannot metabolize. Yes, that’s where salt comes in. Finally, don’t teach them, sweets, because they’re not allowed to eat them either. Chocolate is toxic and can affect the heart, lungs, kidneys, and central nervous system. Vomiting, diarrhea, shaking, and irregular pulse are signs of chocolate poisoning. If they still experience something like this, go to the vet urgently for treatment.

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