Dolo 650 mg is the safest medicine to cure pain

Dolo 650 mg is given to the patient who suffers from any type of pain which is caused due to any infection in the body, pain in any part of the body, after surgeries, treatment of cold and fever. This medicine is supposed to be the safest medicine to cure any type of fever. The doctors prescribe this medicine when a patient acquires fever.

This medicine given to the patient when he or she is suffering from any type of fever as it gives a temporary relief to the patient. It is given to the girls who suffer from menstrual cramps which are associated during the menstrual period. It is supposed to be e a very safe medicine given to the pregnant ladies who suffer from pain during pregnancy. It is also given to the people who suffer from any type of muscle pain, headache, migraine, toothache, arthritis, pain in ear.

Effect of the medicine is seen within an hour of administration. The effect of this medicine lasts for an average duration of 4 to 6 hours. Consumption of alcohol should be prohibited when this medicine is being taken. This medicine may interact with alcohol showing many side effects.

Working- this medicine helps to bring down the elevated body temperature by acting on heat regulatory centers in the brain. It also works selectively inhibiting enzyme function in the brain so helping to treat fever. Dolo 650 tablet interacts with alcoholism. The people who consume alcohol should use this medicine with caution as it may result in serious liver injury.

The person who has a history of liver disease must use this medicine carefully as it may further aggravate the liver injury. The children suffering from chronic malnutrition have an adverse effect on their body. It also interact with medicines like carbamazepine,  phenytoin, sodium nitrite, and various anti coagulants. It is a very safe medicine and can even be taken by pregnant ladies who suffer from any pain. The person who has a medical history of any injury or is allergic to any medicine should inform the doctor before taking this medicine. People having a family history of an allergy to a special salt present in a medicine should also be reported to the doctor. Person suffering from any stomach and intestinal problems should also be very careful while taking this medicine.

Difficulty while urinating is also a serious ailment and the person should be careful while using this medicine. Any disease of gallbladder and pancreas also calls for precautions to be taken before using this medicine.

The adults are advised to take one or two tablets at the interval of at least four hours. There should be a gap of at least 6 hours between the two consecutive doses.

This medicine is so safe that it can also be taken 6 times a day. The manufacturing date of this medicine should be checked before buying it from any chemist shop. It could also be given to children in limited dose. Children should be given the medicine according to their weight. This medicine is very helpful as it it slows down the temperature of the body slowly and steadily. Its effect last for an average duration of 4 to 6 hours. It is also advised to the patients who are suffering from cancer or have undergone any surgery as it is very safe and effective.