Dreadlock Examples + How To Style Viking Dreadlocks


Viking appearance has gained a lot of popularity and their hairstyles have been trending throughout the world. The use of dreadlocks is central to the Viking hairstyles. This article will briefly explore different aspects of the dreadlocks of the Vikings hairstyle.

The History Of Dreadlocks

There are several different accounts for the history of dreadlocks. That includes the Roman Empire, Germanic tribes, or the Vikings. The Hindus believe that their Lord Shiva from 17000 BC invented the dreadlocks and the Ancient Egyptians adopted it from Lord Shiva. The Greeks from the 480 BC era claim their scriptures show men with dreadlocks. There might not be any other hairstyle in the world whose origins have been so contested. Regardless of the origins of the dreadlocks, they have become extremely popular in the modern world.

How Do Dreadlocks Work?

How Do Dreadlocks Work?

Dreadlocks are strands of hair that look like rope. They are formed by braiding or matting the hair. It was originally through that to make dreadlocks you need to stop grooming the hair and let the hair matt together. With time other methods have been used to offer more variety, control, and hygiene to the dreadlocks hairstyle. These newer methods of dreadlocks are known as manicured or salon dreadlocks. There are dreadlock extensions, which use synthetic hair to be infused with actual hair to give an appearance of dreadlocks hairstyle.

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How to Style Viking Dreadlocks?

Here are the general steps used in styling a Viking hairstyle:

  • Wash your hair with a residue-free shampoo.
  • Make sure your hair is completely dry before you move to the next step.
  • Make square sections of your hair using rubber bands to hold them together. Try to make similar size squares for a more attractive look.
  • Using a fine-toothed comb, backcomb your hair wrapping them around your finger in sections.
  • While the hair is wrapped around your finger, use braids to secure the ends of the hair.
  • Apply a dread wax to the hair and roll the hair between your palms.
  • Your dreadlocks hairstyle is complete.
  • You need to roll and moisture the dreads every day. You can tuck in the loose hairs every week.

Side Shaved With A Heavy Beard

One of the Viking hairstyles that you can wear and carry more easily with a lot of confidence is the neatly combed side shaved with a heavy beard. Without the beards, people will have the wrong impression of you and hence you have to be sure that you have heavy beards. The shaven temples and sides will give you a manly look. The style is also very classic with the young men who are under 45 years

Viking Haircut With Tattoo

There are so many people who love the Viking braids as well as tapered undercuts. However, to others, this is never their thing. If you are among those who do not do the tapered undercuts or Viking braids, the haircut with a tattoo is perfect for you. All you need is your hair gel to maintain the hair. Tattoos complement this style and hence temporary tattoos will be excellent.

Front Spikes With Faded Undercuts

Front Spikes With Faded Undercuts

Some people want to have a murder Viking feel even though there are not murderers. The best haircut for you is the front spikes with faded undercuts. With short hair, a mustache, and long beard you will get the impression that you need. Make sure that the hairs at the front look spiky. On the sides, you need to have an undercut that is somehow faded.

Viking Undercut

If you have much hair with your temple shave hairstyle, the Viking haircut can make you look better. The hairstyle has long hair at the top with shaved sides and back. This hairstyle is an old Viking haircut and you can derive so many hairstyles from the undercut.

Half-pony Ponytail

Not all the Vikings have long hairs. Some are proud to have short hair. With short hair, a short ponytail & undercut could be a super hairstyle for you. The hairstyle is gorgeous and is best for those who have round faces. Little maintenance is required for the hairstyle.

Viking Half-up With Braids

Are you having very long hair, but you don’t know the perfect haircut for yourself? The Viking half up with braids could be perfect with your long hair. If you use the braids on your hair, you will get the exact look the Vikings have when they use their braiding techniques on their long hairs. Braid your hair on the sides and then leave the braids down so that you can look stylish.


There is a lot of variety in styling a Viking dreadlocks hairstyle. It depends on the preferences and length of hair on the individual. Using braids rather than rubber banks is key to the slight uniqueness of a Viking’s dreadlocks. Making dreadlocks is a time-consuming process, so make sure you have set aside a few hours before your start.

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