Driving Emergencies: How to Escape A Truck Underwater


How to Escape from Your Submerged Truck

Once you venture out on the roadways, whether you are driving in a rural area or a busy multiple-lane highway, an emergency can happen to you at any time and in any situation. Driving a truck of any size or another smaller vehicle demands you be prepared for any trouble that may arise.

In this emergency scenario, you drive a semi-truck, and your current circumstances find your truck and cab, with you still in the cab submerged in water. Time is of the essence.

How do you escape a truck underwater?

Finding yourself in a submerged truck means that you do not have time to think. You must move quickly and successfully if you are to survive this accident.

Once your truck hits the water, it sinks quickly. The first thing to remember is to remain calm in this horrible situation. Becoming anxious and panic-stricken will not help you get out safely. You have 25-30-seconds before your truck submerges, so you must work quickly. Before your vehicle is entirely submerged, you have only seconds to get your window down and swim out. The water does not have to be deep to cause you significant problems.

At this point, you are not worrying about who or what caused this accident to happen. Your primary worry is exiting your truck that is submerged in water. Later you can sort out the murky details with the police and your attorney about who is at fault for this accident and what happened to put you in this emergency dilemma. Never admit fault and never explain how sorry you are that this happened. These statements only make you look guilty.

Truckers usually keep a host of equipment on hand and in the cab. Some of this equipment is rarely used, however available for such an emergency. Finding yourself in your cab underwater means that you do not have time to gather your belongings except for a few articles. Secure your cell phone, get your seat belt unbuckled, and take a deep breath. You can roll down your window to exit the cab. If you cannot roll down the window, then find a tool in the cab to break the window to escape.

There is always the question of the power windows not working once submerged in water. Your only option is to break the glass to free yourself. The chances are that you will not open your door due to the water pressure coming from all directions pressing on your truck. According to the professionals who teach individuals how to escape a submerged vehicle, you want to anticipate the truck hitting the water and go into action before your truck hits the water. Open the door quickly and unwind the window; you only have seconds.

The professionals give some tips on how to escape a truck underwater. They say you should keep your seat belt on until the water in the cab reaches your chin. At this time, take slow deep breaths and hold the last deep breath. The pressure inside and outside the cab equalizes during this time.

  • Stay still, with your seat belt on, until the water in the car goes up to your chin. Then take several slow, deep breaths and hold the last breath and unhook your seat belt. Exit the cab quickly.
  • Do not try to open the door until the water has stopped flooding into the car. Initially, the water outside will put pressure on the door of up to 600 pounds a square inch, meaning you won’t be able to open it from the inside. The pressure inside and outside the car should equalize about the time you start holding your breath.
  • If you cannot open a door, break the side window. Never try to break the windshield because the glass is thicker and more challenging to break.
  • As you break the window, please hang on to the steering wheel for balance and to help keep you in place until you are ready to swim out.
  • When you exit the truck, know that you will rise to the surface. The air you breathed into your lungs sends you to the top.

Your Call to Action for a Fair and Just Settlement

When a negligent person (s) causes you an injury in a truck accident, the very first thing you do is take care of yourself and get medical attention. The next thing is to make a police report. The third thing to do is to give us a call. Choosing a truck accident attorney is confusing because you want a seasoned attorney with an excellent record for winning negligent truck accident cases. We are seasoned, experienced, and skilled in wrongful accident/injury/death cases. Our attorneys work hard to get you the fair and just settlement you deserve. You were fortunate enough to escape your truck underwater; now, please allow us to help you escape your mounting medical debt.

When accidents are not your fault, you need someone with years of experience to fight as your advocate and get you compensation. You did not ask for this negligent person to turn your world upside down and create mounting medical bills or cause you to lose your job because you can no longer work.

How do you and your family exist without an income?

Even if your prognosis is excellent and your doctors expect you to make a full recovery, you still have unexpected bills related to your accident. You should seek compensation for the bills this accident caused you, in addition to lost wages.

Accidents of this sort can cause you to declare bankruptcy. We believe you should not have to do this. You and your family are entitled to compensation.

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