Eat, drink, and look amazing this Halloween with Lefties collection!

You could or could not be a huge fan of the horror element, but there is no way you don’t wait for Halloween when October ends. The original roots of Halloween can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival, which goes by the name of Samhain. This was usually held on November 1 as per the contemporary calendars. Earlier it was believed that on this particular day the souls of the dead would return to their homes. This is one of the reasons why people dressed up in costumes and lit bonfires to ward off spirits. As of today, Halloween has evolved into various other activities such as trick or treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, wearing costumes, and eating treats.

Now, the trend of Halloween has in fact changed to a great extent since the youth has made it a theme-based party or event for themselves. Usually, around the last week of October, most of the time the preparations for the parties begin beforehand. But what is an event without the right kind of wardrobe with you? Which is why if you have been looking for a Halloween collection lately then you should definitely check out the collection of Lefties online on their website.

Best from the Lefties Halloween collection

Here are some of the best items from the Lefties Halloween collection that you should check out if you have been looking for it lately.

1. Jeans full length

Denim is a piece of fashion which can never go out of fashion no matter what may start trending in the fashion world. It’s like basic fashion wear for many and most people would rather buy denim when they are confused than try out something new. May this Halloween you don’t find yourself stuck in second thoughts about the wardrobe and pick the right wardrobe for yourself. If you agree with this then you should definitely check out the full length jeans from Lefties. It is a high-waisted jeans which consists of 5 pockets and a wide leg. Along with that, they are also made out of 100% cotton fabric. Also, these full length jeans have a zip fastening and metal button. This one is available in 3 different colours namely sky blue, blue ink, and purple colour. 

Jeans full length

2. Sweatshirt oversize halloween

Everybody knows that the trend of oversize conveys the expression of casualness. Therefore, this Halooween, you should definitely go for something casual if that’s what you had in mind. Which is why this Halloween oversize sweatshirt is the right choice for you. It is exclusively sold by Lefties and if you want to buy it, then you should definitely visit its website online. This one is a loose-fitting sweatshirt which has a hooded collar and along with that it has long sleeves. Also, this sweatshirt has two side openings at the base of the garment. Also, the cuffs and hem are finished in a ribbed knit. But most importantly, the sweatshirt will give you great warmth and comfort to thrive during fall season.

3. Biker ankle boots with laces

Now, everyone knows the trend one can actually set with Biker ankle boots in their town. Along with that, ankle boots are known to offer a great range of benefits over traditional casts. Such boots are crafted to protect the skin on your foot and ankle better as compared to the other boots. Which is why these biker ankle boots with laces from Lefties are the right choice for you. These flat-toe high-top biker shoes have a back handle. They also have a side zip on the inside and are quite adjustable with cords. It is not just limited to that, since it also has metallic holes and a sole with a trail. With these Biker ankle boots with laces from Lefties, you can genuinely rock any outfit.

4. Mickey mouse tote bag

This is a shoutout to all the women out there who love stuff inspired by something that reminds them of their favourite character. With the Mickey Mouse tote bag, Lefties has brought the idea of Mickey Mouse for you. Which is making the customers who own them nostalgic. If you’d like that too, then you should visit the website of Lefties today to get this Mickey Mouse tote bag for yourself. This tote bag comes with Mickey Mouse ‘Disney Halloween’ print too, in contrast. Along with that, it has two handles and it is made up of comfortable 100% cotton fabric. Moreover, the style is not the only thing which is worth-mentioning about this tote bag. Instead, it comes with great space for you to store things in it.

Apart from the aforementioned products, you must also check out their stupendous Halloween collection online on their website. It’s really a collection which transports you to other dimensions. Cheers to a spooky Halloween this year!