Effective Tips on The Best Short Haircuts for Men the Season Brings


Women may claim that keeping up with ever-changing fashion is a lot simpler if you are a man. We certainly beg to differ. The fact is that one of the main elements that define your style is certainly the haircut, and those are many, especially at the moment. What is more, even after you get the right look, you should be aware of all the tips and tricks to keep it neat and attractive, and that is another challenging task to deal with.

MensHaircuts enlist all the best short haircuts for men to give a try to this upcoming season. So, we decided to center our attention at those tips that will help you maintain that polished, right-after-the salon look longer.

Finding a Good Barber

Finding a Good Barber

The fact is that no matter the number of fresh barber shops appearing at every corner, you may live in the area that has women’s salons in the region primarily. There is nothing wrong with that. You can get a stylish cut at such a salon too. The only thing you should inquire about before getting into the hairdresser’s chair is whether the professional specializes in men’s haircuts. If the answer is positive and you see a couple of lads waiting for their turn, then you should proceed and ask the professional about which shortcut will suit your hair type best. In case the hairdresser struggles with a direct answer, and the barber’s chair is literally covered with dust, we would advise you to reconsider the salon. It may cost you some time and effort to get to the dedicated barbershop, but it will pay off in the long run since no one wants to walk around with a haircut that is nothing but unflattering.

You should not be alarmed if a barber enquires about what you wear mostly, what is your profession, and so on. Questions like that define their professionalism and nothing more.

Short Haircut Maintenance Tips

We have already accented that it is not enough just to get the trendiest cut. Should you decide to look your absolute best daily, you should know how to tend to the cut. Here is the list of the most effective and practical tips that will save you some time and effort spent on fixing your hair and will enhance your general style:

  • Heavy contrast in length is no longer in great demand.
  • If you want to wear a cut the longest possible without unnecessary touch-ups, it is advised to opt for the hairstyle that involves the precise blending of the sides, back, and the top.
  • Do not limit your styling routine to one product only. Playing around with different products will help you achieve alternative looks without changing the haircut.
  • To create a visible definition, you must consider stronger hold products. There is no other way around.
  • The more texture there is – the better. The fact is that texture is what keep the cut looking its absolute best for a lot longer.
  • No matter how attractive ultra-short cuts are, they rarely leave you any room for experimentation. If you like to try on different styles, it is advised to leave some length on top.
  • Do not postpone your next visit to a barbershop longer than four full weeks.

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Stylish Comb Over with Low Fade

Short Haircut Maintenance Tips

There is a false yet popular assumption that short haircuts for men are always ultra-short. If you are willing to keep the length up to your ears, at least – you still fall under the category of short hairstyles. A super modern comb-over is the best proof to the point. We must admit that this slightly disheveled cut looks both tempting and conservative when appropriately attended.

Extended French Crop with High Fade

Even if you are a huge fan of high fades, the top is where all the fun goes. No matter how strict-to-the-point a French crop may be, there is still room for experimentation. We suggest letting some stylish layering in, with a cut like that, your look will never lack ideas to pull off.

Slicked Back Elegant Pompadour with Disconnected Beard

Professional does not mean boring. Thus, a style that allows you to play around with casual and business looks is the best to opt for. Luckily, a slicked-back pompadour has been invested. When paired with a disconnected beard, the combo is merely divine!

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