Eight Business Processes You Can Outsource


Outsourcing used to be a dirty word, a cheap and simple way to cut costs while forgoing your original workers, especially when referring to a construction cost estimate. Now, in a more diverse business climate and thanks to the power of globalization as well as higher standards expected upon those globalized businesses, outsourcing has become almost expected of businesses if they want to compete in a more competitive field. So, if you want your business to succeed, make sure to hire a trusted corporate secreterial services for your company now!

Whether you are a business manager or even the CEO of a company, you are in the right place, as this guide has been created to recommend eight key business processes that you can outsource, helping you to save a lot of money as a result. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to read on.


A traditional business has a large office with a foyer at the front. Awaiting people as they walk into an office is a receptionist, who is ready to tell people about their meetings and to take calls from people with a variety of different business queries. Nonetheless, if you are running a global business that actually operates across a variety of different time zones, it might be a better idea to make sure that you have a virtual reception that allows you to always have somebody manning the phone 24/7. Thankfully for you, there are a whole host of third-party companies that can help to do that job for you. For one of the best picks of the bunch, check out the amazing services that you can find at http://www.virtualreception.com.au. But if you are planning to outsource a competent and professional corporate secretary, just visit https://mi2u.com.sg/corporate-secretary-in-singapore/.


The reason marketing is usually employed in-house at a large firm is that the CEO often likes to have a direct input in to the types of messages that are being put out by a company. This might not be the most financially wise decision, however, as a lot of decisions can actually be made far better by outsourcing to a specialized team that knows how to promote a product properly. That’s why it might be a great decision for your business to leave your marketing to a skilled third-party team with a proven track record.


If you are running a particularly small business with accounting needs that are not actually that complex, then it might be a very smart idea to outsource your accounting. This is because, if you are keeping an accountant on payroll full-time while they only need to look at your accounts once or twice a month, this is representing a significant loss for your company. Instead, you can join the outsourcing revolution by having a third-party firm that you rely on as and when you need them, helping you to save a whole lot of money as a result.

Human Resources

You might believe that you need to have an in-house HR team due to the fact that people look to businesses in the modern era to have a much higher level of accountability, but in fact, HR processes are not continuously needed if you are running a smaller company where everyone knows each other. For example, if you only truly need your HR to help people with the onboarding process or booking time off work, you can easily outsource that to a trusted third-party, saving you money as a result.

Content Team

Given that content is often seen as bread-and-butter for many freelancers out there, you will never suffer from finding good writers to help you with writing content. This is especially true if your content needs don’t require much strategy but simply a lot of execution. Therefore, it might be financially expedient for your company to think about outsourcing when it comes to finding content. You can either work with a boutique content company to provide you with writers, or you can simply hire freelancers on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Data Entry

A lot of core business processes simply rely on data entry on sites such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. This is the kind of work that almost anyone with a tiny bit of training can do successfully, meaning that you have the choice to hire across the world. This means that you can save a lot of money hiring someone from a lower-income country such as Bulgaria or Indonesia to do this type of work for you. Just be sure that you have someone over-looking this work, so that it is still maintained at a high level of quality.


Whether it’s generating leads or finding new clients, you don’t necessarily need your sales department to be in-house. This is especially true when you are looking to upscale your business in a quick manner without wanting to go through the hassle of the hiring or the onboarding process. Instead, you can simply look for a third-party company who can help to manage your sales for you and you will be surprised by how quickly they could help your business to prosper.

Managing Your Calendar

If you work for a business that requires you to do a lot of work traveling and meeting new clients, it can sometimes be hard to keep on top of your personal schedule. That’s why it might make sense to outsource your personal business planning to a third-party. They can quickly sit through where you need to be and when and send you updates as to what you should be doing at any given time. This is a great option if you don’t want to plan too much yourself but simply want to focus on any given task at hand.


As you can see from the guide written above, there are a whole host of options that are available when it comes to outsourcing for your business. Basically any type of work can essentially be outsourced, helping your company to save money. Take a look now and find the right outsourcing options for your company.

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