Emerald jewelry – the luxury and allure of this green gemstone


People have admired emeralds for thousands of years, since the time they were first worn in ancient Egypt. Together with rubies and sapphires, these green stones belong to “the big three” of color gemstones. And due to the rare occurrence of good quality emeralds, these gemstones can sometimes be more valuable than diamonds of the same size. So let’s take a look at the qualities which they have won us over with.

Up close and personal with emeralds

Up close and personal with emeralds

From a chemical point of view, the emerald is a green variety of beryl with a trace amount of chromium and sometimes also vanadium. It has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale but it usually contains a larger amount of inclusions and is therefore relatively brittle. For that reason, emerald jewelry should be handled with care, avoiding shocks and contact with hot water.

You might be surprised to know this

Have you ever heard of “birthstones” or stones which have been assigned to the month of someone’s birth? Then you ought to know that emerald earrings or an emerald pendant can make an ideal gift for anyone with a May birthday since emerald is the birthstone of this month. In ancient times, Cleopatra also used emeralds as gifts for her visitors.

These green gemstones symbolize compassion and universal love and are said to bring vitality. The most famous places where they are mined are in Colombia, but some also come from Brazil or Zambia. Depending on the location where the stone is mined, the color of it may also differ slightly.

When is emerald jewelry suitable

When is emerald jewelry suitable

Emeralds are bold stones so it is advisable to be restrained when looking to combine them. They go well with diamonds, make green eyes stand out and look good with dark hair. Bold women who like to attract attention will love them. They can also make a bride shine on her wedding day.

If you have ever come across the word emerald it is generally the name for the stone itself. But it is also the name given to a special cut which jewelers developed just for the emerald which is now also very popular and used for other precious stones.

Engagement rings with this green gemstone are a favorite with celebrities. For instance in 1953 the US President John F. Kennedy got down on bended knee with a gold emerald and diamond ring and proposed to his future wife Jackie. The actress Halle Berry also has a very unique piece with a 4 carat emerald.

Where to buy quality emerald jewelry

Where to buy quality emerald jewelry

If you would like to buy an emerald ring, a pendant or any other piece of jewelry, focus on those sellers who automatically provide a Certificate of Authenticity for the piece of jewelry you want to buy. One such seller is the KLENOTA Czech jewelry store where you can buy various emerald jewelry either online or in person at their jewelry studio in Prague 1. Quality jewelry will last you a lifetime.

Have you found the emerald or most valuable gemstones of your dreams yet?

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