Eruption – “I Can’t Stand the Rain”


Short career summary

Eruption is an R&B/disco band formed in the London, UK in 1974. After a few minor successes, Eruption finally hit it big with “I Can’t Stand The Rain” which was a Top 10 UK and Top 20 US hit during the 70s music scene. Their second hit single was their cover of Neil Sedaka’s “One Way Ticket” which was another Top 10 in the UK; this was also to be their last charting single. Their lead singer Precious Wilson left the band in 1979 to launch her solo career, and Kim Davis stepped forward as the new lead singer; unfortunately, she would die of brain hemorrhage. They continued their successes in Germany, where the band’s career really took off since they started. But now success eluded them, especially since after Wilson’s departure. After a few other unsuccessful records, they disbanded for good in 1985. Since 1997, Wilson has legally owned the band’s name and used it to reform her own group with newest members.

The formation of Eruption

Eruption was a London, UK-based R&B, soul and disco band in the 1970s and the 1980s.

The members came from different nationalities: Jamaica, Guyana, Curacao and Ghana. The best-known lineup consisted of vocalist Precious Wilson, keyboardist Gerry Williams, lead guitarist Greg Perrineau, bassist Perrineau, and drummer Eric Kingsley. Their initial name was Silent Eruption, and they won the RCA label’s soul search talent contest in 1975, that led to their first record deal. Their single “Let Me Take You Back In Time” charted on the soul music listings the following year. Their original vocalist was Lindel Lindsey who left early, and Wilson took Lindsey’s place as a lead vocalist. Eruption went on tour in Germany, where they finally secured a recording contract with a Hansa Record label there with the help of Boney M.’s producer Frank Farian.

The band’s biggest hit with “I Can’t Stand the Rain”

The group had a minor hit single with “Party, Party.” Finally, they scored a huge hit with their cover of Ann Peeble’s “I Can’t Stand The Rain,” reaching #5 on the UK singles chart in 1978.

The record was distributed in the United States by Hansa’s American distributor Ariola America. The record also became a sizable hit on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching its peak position at #18 there. It also became a big Billboard dance singles chart hit at #5, and #30 on the R&B singles chart in 1978.

The band after the departure of lead singer Precious Wilson

Eruption sealed their chart success with their cover of Neil Sedaka’s “One Way Ticket” which also became a big British hit at #9, in 1979. It also went to #30 on the US dance singles chart in that same year.

However, the band’s fate began to change when Precious Wilson left Eruption to pursue a solo singing career. Kim Davis (or Davies) went on to replace Wilson as the group’s new singer. Eruption was still considerably successful in Germany, where they enjoyed another hit with “Go Johnnie Go.” Unfortunately, the band experienced a tragedy when Davis died as a result of a brain hemorrhage.

Eruption soldiered on, and hired Jane Jochen as their new frontwoman. The band continued to have modest hits in Germany, including a cover of Del Shannon’s “Runaway.” However, the band was never the same after Wilson left the band, and into the 1980s Eruption was slowly disintegrate. In 1985 they broke up for good. Since 1997, Wilson has legally owned the band’s name and used it to reform her own group with newest members; none of her old band mates are present in the new lineup. They are still pretty much active, performing mostly for the oldies music circuit.

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