Everyday Scenarios Where a Flashlight Comes In Handy

When it comes to common, everyday tools, a flashlight tends to sit on the backburner of peoples’ minds. Whatever the reasoning, from bulky size to inconvenient storage, many people don’t think to have a flashlight readily available. This is curious because there are so many everyday scenarios in which a flashlight would come in handy! Read on for a list of common situations where you could use a flashlight.

Car Troubles

We’ve all been there: you’re driving around and suddenly your phone or credit card falls into the space between your seat and center console. In other words, you’ve lost your possession in a black hole. It can be exceptionally frustrating trying to squeeze your hand in the small space next to your seat, reaching for anything you might find. Many times, we end up with coins, crumbs, trash… not exactly what you’re reaching for. With a handy EDC flashlight or everyday carry flashlight, you’ll be able to illuminate that black hole of a space to easily reach in and grab exactly what you’re looking for (and, maybe even find other treasures that have fallen in the process!).   You can check our recommendations on the Best EDC Flashlight.

Another reason to carry a flashlight with you or in your car is in case you encounter car troubles. Even in broad daylight, having a flashlight with you to check under the hood of the car or under the car can really help you when you’re trying to figure out the issue.

Power Outage

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s actually pretty common to find yourself in a power outage without a way to light the room. Some people resort to candles, but those can burn out quickly and serve as a fire hazard depending on your environment. With a flashlight or lantern, you’ll be able to light your home and find your way to your electrical breaker to see what’s going on.

In the case of a natural disaster, such as a heavy thunderstorm, hurricane, or tornado, having a flashlight can mean the difference of having some type of illumination or being in the dark. When natural disasters occur, it’s better to be prepared for anything. Historically, serious storms can cause power outages for long periods of time without knowing when electricity will be accessible again. Having a flashlight, just in case, will give you peace of mind knowing that, at the very least, you’ll be able to light your way if you need to leave your home.

Being Outside Without Street Lamps

Whether you’re an outdoor runner who was caught in the middle of a trail when the sun went down or a parent whose child wanted to play after dark, having flashlights available can be extremely beneficial. While it’s fun to play or be outside in the dark, it can pose many dangers. Without the ability to see around you, you can run into things or seriously injure yourself. Conversely, if you can’t see in the dark, other people may not be able to see you either. Having a flashlight lit can alert others around you that you’re there.

Having a flashlight handy, whether it’s small like an EDC or large with a high lumen count, is a ‘must’. Relying on your cell phone’s flashlight may not be enough, especially when you don’t know if you’ll have steady, reliable access to electricity. There are many flashlight models available on the market to suit your needs with features, such as rechargeability, tactical switches, bezel tips, and more. Take some time to do research to find the right flashlight for your needs.