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If you’re considering going to Disney World in the upcoming months with your family and friends, then you might be curious about Disney Park’s newest service. After all, you have already heard of all the current theme parks and traditions in Disney World and the surrounding areas. If you know the draw of the hotels, food, rides, theme parks, and the characters at Disney World, then you might be wondering what else you can do. Even though you have been entertained with going to Disney World year in and year through the past decade, you might be wondering if there is something new that can catch your eye – if your kids are getting older and they are wanting to try new rides, newer services, and skip the lines, then we have the solution for you!

Welcome Disney Park’s newest service – the Genie+ app and the lightning lane! Let’s find out a little more about this new deal and why you should consider getting this for your next trip to Disney World. After all, there is nothing worse than spending a fortune and having your vacation not go as planned – if you are spending the time, effort, and money to bring you and your family down to sunny Florida on your next holiday, you want everything to run smoothly.

One of the best ways that you can ensure your vacation is fun for everyone involved – including the young children, teenagers, and hard-working parents – then you should consider purchasing the Disney Genie app and lightning lane pass. Check this out and the benefits of this pass for your next holiday!

The Disney Genie lightning lane – check out Disney Park’s newest service!

So, you might be wondering – what is Disney Park’s newest service? The newest feature at Disney world is basically the Genie+ app – after all, everything in the world today has an app! If you want to rent a bike in a city, you can download an app and use the QR code to unlock the bike. If you want to pay for your coffee in Copenhagen, you need to use an app with mobile pay. If you want to shop online, there is an app for that!

And the same goes for Disney World – there is a Genie+ app that lets you use the Lightning Lanes to help you skip the queue and jump to the front of the line. But when did this come about? When did Disney drop this new revelation that would make it easier for everyone to visit their theme park without spending hours in line, sweating, and with crying kids standing by their side?

Disney announced back in August of 2021 that they would start including Genie + and lightning lanes in their theme parks. This new technology would replace the previously used technology that let people skip the line and get to the front for their favorite rides – the FastPass+. The FastPass+ at Disney world was a great option that let the dedicated users pay a little extra and skip the line – the ideal solution for those who had impatient kids and didn’t like spending hours standing in the hot sunshine.

Now, the Fastpass was going to be replaced by Disney Park’s newest service – the Genie+ app and the Lightning Lanes! The Lighting Lanes would let the dedicated park-goers buy the newest skip-the-line venture and get to the head of the line without worrying about spending hours waiting to get on the roller coasters.

The news was announced by Disney World via their social media profiles, websites, press releases, and other local newspapers in the Florida area. Although there were not too many details on how to use Disney Park’s newest service and how to download the Genie+ app – or when it would become available – information slowly started to emerge as the service became available in the parks.

Two months after the initial announcement in mid-August of 2021, Disney finally created the launch date for the Genie app and the Lightning Lanes at Disney World. Along with the final announcement of when the launch of the Lightning Lanes would occur in the Disney Theme Parks, Disney also announced details regarding the Genie system, the details of the Genie+ app, and other Q&A sessions from users about the Genie technology.

Here are some of the most common FAQs that dedicated Disney goers had about the new Disney Park’s service and what they can expect with this Genie app and Lightning Lanes:

  • Has the Genie system officially launched at Disney World? Back when questions were being asked directly to Disney on their webpage, the system had not officially launched yet in the parks. However, the intended release date was October 19, 2021 – which means it is coming up in just a few days! If you’re lucky enough to head to Disney World during the off-season, we recommend checking out Disney Park’s newest service and seeing if you can skip the lines!
  • Has Disney World and the other parks changed to prepare for Disney Park’s newest tech service? In short, there have been some changes at all of the theme parks regarding Disney Park’s newest service. Along with changing the FastPass signage and getting rid of the FastPass sales on websites and other retailing sites, Disney World has changed the aesthetic of the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom signage regarding its skip-the-line possibilities. Furthermore, the Star Wars ride has gotten rid of the virtual queue option for users who wanted to get ahead of the line.
  • What is the Genie+ paid service? If you’re wondering about Disney Park’s newest service, you might be wondering about the variety of Genie options you can purchase for your next trip to Disneyworld – is everything a paid choice, or are there various subscription levels that you can choose from? If you are curious about the breakdown of the payment system regarding the Genie services and the Genie features, you should visit the Walt Disney World website to check out the explanation.
  • What does the Genie+ service mean? If you’re curious about the payment options regarding the Genie services and how much you will have to spend for these services, we recommend checking out the Walt Disney World website to see the variety of subscription services and the pricing structure you can expect before your next trip to Disney World. After all, paying for Disney Park’s newest service will let you skip the lines and have a lot more fun in your holiday time!
  • Can I use the My Disney experience app with the new Genie app? If you are wondering how you can use the new Genie app in tandem with your pre-existing My Disney Experience app to combine all of your perks into one location, you can rest assured Disney has already thought of this. The Disney Genie service – the free version – can be used within the My Disney Experience app to best maximize your time spent in the park. By putting together a personalized scheme and the number of rides you can use during your next venture into the park, it can help you plan out your experience, avoid wait times, and avoid queuing for hours for attractions.
  • What rides can I use with my Lightning Lanes purchase and my Genie app? If you are taking part in the Disney Park’s news service, then you might be wondering – is this really going to pay off for me in the long run? Can I use it on enough rides that will make my new skip-the-line purchase worth the money? If you’re considering using the Disney Park’s west service, there is a full official list of all the rides that you can use – keep this in mind before spending your hard-earned cash on this fast pass!
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Space Mountain the Magic Kingdom
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Frozen Ever After in the Epcot portion of the park
  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway in the Hollywood Studios section
  • Avatar Flight of Passage and Expedition Everest in the Animal Kingdom
  • Lastly, can individuals purchase the Genie+ and Lightning Lane service for their next Disney World experience? In short, yes you can – the benefit of purchasing both the Genie+ benefit and the Lightning Lane availability to skip the lines is the chance to skip more lines, access more rides, and avoid waiting for longer periods in the park. If you are considering spending your next holidays in the park, then you might want to purchase both so you can maximize your time.


For those who spend a lot of time going to Disney World, you hate waiting in line, and budget is not your main concern, consider trying Disney Park’s newest service. With this new service, you can use both the Genie+ and lighting passes to skip the line, avoid queuing for hours on end, and avoid cranky children from ruining your vacation in the sun!

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