Factors That Affect How Much It Costs to Ship a Car

Whether it’s moving back into college or finally starting on a long-awaited journey, shipping a car can be the first step towards a successful, exciting chapter of your adventure! Doing so correctly hinges on quite a few factors, but not least of all – money. After all, the wiser you are about your spending at the start, the more you’ll have left over for the future.

Wondering what’s a fair price to ship a car? Dellcy will tell you all about it. As a company with over a decade of car shipping experience, we’ll direct you exactly into where precisely your money is going – and what options you have at your disposal. Keep reading to find out!

What to expect

First – let’s set up an average to work with. Generally, you can expect to pay around $1 per mile, however, this rate starts to drop after 500-600 miles. Driving cross country for up to 2750 miles (halfway through the USA) can run you about $1200, thanks to the gradual price drops. Keep in mind that this is a national average, and this estimate doesn’t consider the car’s model, respective insurance costs, or options chosen for the shipment. Speaking of which …

Options, options – which to choose?

Depending on your car’s model and make – your shipment will change. Typically, sports cars and antiques require different treatments than your average type of car. That’s due to changes in transport type: open vs enclosed transportation. Open car transport entails transporting the car without any outer covers – where rain, snow, or other weather conditions are free to act upon the car. Similarly, any pebbles thrown by the tires into your car’s direction may damage the outer layer of the car. Finally, consistent exposure to the sun will likely lead to your car’s paint becoming faded – important for new car owners.

Avoiding all these factors is possible by opting for enclosed auto transportation, which places your car inside a container, where it will be shipped. The added weight of the container, as well as extra handling practices, as well as the container itself, will cost you extra during shipment, however, often significantly so – it’s important to decide whether it’s worth the cost on a case-by-case basis.

Ship a Car


The time and location of delivery both have a substantial impact on the cost of your shipment. When choosing “auto shipping near me” – it will deliver it straight to your door. Remarkably simple and easy, however, it’s more inefficient for the delivery company, so this will typically be billed extra.

Similarly, certain seasons or periods are packed with car shipment orders, to the point where staying competitive requires asking for more compensation. In this regard, even the day of the week when your shipment is made can have an impact on the final asking price.

If you need a last-minute delivery? If that’s possible, that’s more certainly going to cost you extra – plan, and if possible, choose one of the least busy periods for the shipping companies. You’ll get more certainty that way, and a better deal.

Where to get your quote

Consider Dellcy to receive a competitive quote – our free online quote tool is completely transparent. That means that you can adjust each parameter of the shipment to your liking, and see how the price changes as a result. You can notice in real-time how the distance, model, and options chosen affect the final asking price. This will help inform you in making later responsible financial decisions, even if you decide to take your business elsewhere. Happy shipping!