Factors to Consider Before Donating to Online Video Streamers


Online video streaming has become so popular in the current generation across the world. This is as a result of sites like Twitch, which allow the viewers to stream live to watch videos made by different people, for all genres. These streaming sites have attracted a large number of donors who are tipping the streamers.

According to research, the number of tippers is hiking every other minute. Well, donating isn’t scheduled for any chosen individuals; it’s open to every willing soul. Donors do so as a form of gratitude and passing thanks for the entertainment, and to support and motivate the streamers to create more and better content.

While the motivation and gratitude factors come into play, there are things to take into account before deciding to send your money.

Below are the factors to consider before donating to online streamers.

a. The cause you are passionate about

It is not all about donating to online streamers, but whether the purpose is of the same importance to you. Don’t just give money to any organization that requests you to donate, but ensure it’s something you genuinely believe will make a difference. The majority of gaming sites like Twitch have registered to have many donors. This is a result of the donors being big fans of the different content being streamed, hence supporting what they like.

b. The legibility and effectiveness of the site

Always research the website before beginning to make any donations. Some streaming sites may sound legit, but user information is not protected. One might become prompted to activate their accounts and load in cash to begin tipping their favorite streamers.

Unfortunately, not all online streaming sites have put into consideration the right security measures to protect the user or the streamer. Ensure that you first go through the privacy policy of the site to ensure that no personal information, especially regarding your payment accounts is breached.

c. If there are tax benefits

If you itemize your deductions and meet the appropriate guidelines, there is a tax credit available. This enables you to increase your donationsWill you be exempted from such? Check out the reviews of the website or go through its policy to find out more.

d. Budget

Ensure that you have a clear budget on what you can offer. This will help you avoid the feeling of guilt anytime the unexpected happens. In online streaming sites like Twitch, budgeting will guide you as you sign up for tipping streamers. Keep in mind that in such websites, once one has sent their money, it will be hard to reverse the transaction yourself. Always load what you can afford to.

e. The donation receipt channel

Are the payment methods favorable to you? Twitch, for example, utilizes both PayPal and Amazon Pay. Money can be loaded to your account using such methods to get Bits to begin tipping streamers.

Furthermore, to avoid spammers, ensure that the website is legit. Some of them might be run by people who use a different domain name from the original one. An unsuspecting user might load their money to their accounts on such a website, only to realize that they have been duped later on.


If you find it fun, educative, and much more entertaining by viewing streamers online, don’t be mean to donate that extra coin to the streamers. If you are stuck on how to go about the donations, just check out sites like Twitch and follow the guidelines.

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