Fashionable Ways to Style a Hoodie


1. Basic Layering

Begin with a basic base layer such as the turtleneck or crewneck beneath your sweater. The turtleneck or t-shirt underneath will be visible, so choose something that is simple.

Layer a light sweater of any color on top to provide layers and bright pops of color. Cardigans are another good option to layer on top because they can be worn in both the upside down!

When it gets colder, put your hoodie over the side of your clothing for additional warmth. If you’re feeling a bit extravagant, don an over-sized coat that has fur on the hood over the top of this layers for a cozy time of snuggling. Layering is simple however it’s much easier to do it with a single item that you can wear multiple ways, such as a 999 juicewrld hoodie.

2. Dress It Up

Begin with a basic tank top beneath your hoodie. If you’d like to enhance the basic style of your hoodie add some cute bows around the neckline to add a hint of feminine style.

Put a sleeveless blazer, or a lighter cardigan on top to add more definition to your figure and hide more of your skin. With the two items, you are able to wear the sweater however you’d like, without being limited by the length!

3. Get All Academic

Begin with a muted solid color on your bottom such as leggings or dark jeans Then, put on a simple white t-shirt underneath your sweatshirt. There is no need to layer here – it’s all about simplicity.

Pick a sweater in as many colors as you want and then wear it as an over-sized vest. Be sure that the color of your jeans contrasts nicely against the hue of your sweater otherwise it could become overwhelming! This outfit can be paired with adorable, chunky boots and some nice watches to add a touch of elegance. After all, what’s more elegant than dressing like Sherlock?

4. Be Bright and Bold

Begin by putting on a bright color-blocking tank under your hoodie, or a patriotic t-shirt, that will be a bold fashion statement but a tribute to your devotion to your country.  Then, pair the base layer with black leggings or dark skinny jeans. The outfit isn’t too difficult – it’s just about mixing neutral colors to create something striking!

Consider layering bright, colorful sweater over the top layer to add an additional pop of colour. Then, layer your hoodie on the top of the other items to ensure you’re warm and comfortable. If you’d like to add some warmth, put an oversized scarf over your head or wrap it over your shoulders for a few extra points for swag.

5. Get Your Geek On

Start by wearing a t-shirt beneath your hoodie. Then, add skinny jeans to the base layer. For a stylish outfit for school, put on Mary Janes that are cute with knee socks, and tie your hair with buns or pigtails! You’ll be ready for the books!

Pick a cardigan or sleeves-less blazer based on the season and layer it on top of everything else to give it an adorable twist. If you’re planning to look your best wear nerdy glasses, or wear a cute cap sporting cats ears over your hoodie. Anything to make studying enjoyable!

6. Rock the Edgy Side

Begin by placing a basic tank top over your sweater. Then, add unworn jeans to make this outfit’s final layer. It’s easy to make this look easy and casual. But when you’re looking for something a bit different it’s possible to transform this outfit into a DIY dress instead! Jeans that are ripped are designed to be worn layered, so experiment with the number of items you can wear in one go.

If you want to dress more edgy you can layer an oversized top or hoodie over your jacket for a bit of warmth. It is always possible to put it on in case you feel cold, therefore this outfit is ideal for a day at the university whatever the temperature!

7. Create Your Own Style

Start by wearing a solid tyler the creator hoodie. Then, layer un-ripped jeans over the base layer for an additional edge of rocker. Complete the look by adding battle boots and chunky high-top sneakers, depending on how tough you’d like to appear or need to look, based on the type of day it’s likely to be.

Put a vibrant colored cardigan or blazer over the rest of your outfit and add a sweatshirt on top! This outfit is sure to draw attention for the right reasons, so make sure to dress confidently! Similar to our other bold styles it is a great outfit to wear on the weekend to showcase your distinctive fashion.

8. Make It Glamorous

Begin by layering a skating skirt or dress over your hoodie, then put your knee high boots over the base layer. With thick socks as well as tights beneath your skirt, you’ll keep warm throughout the day while showing your edgy side! Black socks might seem dull, but they’re necessary when boot cut jeans are in the mix. The great thing of this outfit is that it’s very versatile and if you’re looking to look casual you can just take off the boots and you’ll have yourself a stylish schoolgirl style!

If you’re looking to spice up your look rather, put on some striking earrings or a bright scarf to go with everything else! This style is perfect to wear for a class or on when you want to get out quickly but don’t want to put too the effort into your outfit. It’s certainly among our best-loved outfits!

9. Rock a Denim Jacket

Begin by placing the solid tank beneath your hoodie. Then, finish the ensemble with some bright skinny jeans. No need to add layers since they’ll be concealed underneath your jacket. It’s hard to emphasize enough how crucial it is to ensure that the items are bright and vibrant because you’re looking to stand out from your jacket!

The most appealing aspect of this style is the hoodie can double as a denim jacket making it perfect for cool autumn evenings. To stay warm and not be afraid to show some of your body, opt for an adorable crop top that you can layer underneath everything else , and then put on tight stockings in black or black leggings to tie everything together! This style is ideal for school or college since you’ll be comfy and look polished.

10. Get Sporty

Begin by placing a dark tank top over your sweater. Add either light blue or white jeans on top of that base layer. Because these colors are similar, they will not compete with each and both will work well together. We decided to wear white jeans in this photo but light blue might be equally effective depending on what you like!

If it’s cold put on a windbreaker in addition to all the other clothes and don’t forget to add accessories. Beanie caps are great for this time of year, so be sure to wear one when you’re trying to build up the style! For added excitement, consider or wearing high-top combat boots or sneakers based on how rebellious you’d like to appear – however the brown sneakers are suitable to the perfect look!

11. Mix It Up A Little

This dress is likely to be most simple to put together since all you have to do is put an asymmetrical tank under the sweater and wear an eye-catching dress or skirt underneath. To create a casual look opt for high-top sneakers to match your outfit. If you’re looking to create an edgier style, combat boots would be the ideal choice! If you’re looking to spice this look by adding to your outfit black stockings or tights – they’ll keep you warm all day, which is vital in cold weather!

Final paragraph

There are a variety of ways to dress an hoodie according to your personal style. Hoodies are available in a variety of shades, materials and styles. It’s up to you to decide how you’d like to style yours! You can choose to wear the casual style of a large sweatshirt or prefer something more formal for work or casual wear There isn’t a single method that will suit all. The variety of options can make them ideal for any occasion! Here are some ways to style them. I enjoy how I style my own hoodies.

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