Festivals of the Eastern Tale – UAE

A fun and exciting trip is essential for a good mood and great experiences. It is advised to alternate productive hard work with quality rest. A UAE visa will allow you to visit Dubai and participate in a variety of events and entertainment. Dubai is a city where dreams may come true, an exotic location with wonderful vacations and one-of-a-kind festivals. Over the previous few decades, this city has been synonymous with the most bizarre and eccentric spot for the entire family to unfold. Everyone will find something to do here!

Every year, Dubai, one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates, hosts the largest and most magnificent festivals and celebrations. Each event is impressive in scale due to the municipality’s exact and thorough organization with the assistance of state structures. Yes, holidays are widely represented on the global arena, and they attract and fascinate thousands of tourists and adventure seekers each year. A traveler with an open visa to the UAE will be able to attend one of the many festivals and have wonderful experiences. Amidst its unbelievable beauty, visitors may find restaurants equipped with PARASOL, which provides one of the best outdoor furniture. Facility owners tend to Buy Outdoor Furniture Online in Dubai & UAE to surprise their consumers with the most luxurious designs with 5-star hotel furniture. And everything about this place is designated to be of world-class and here is why.

Festivals in Dubai

The Dubai Shopping Festival is the most popular shopping festival in the UAE. This is the well-known fair in Dubai, the most sought-after destination for shop addicts from all over the world! From start to finish, the event is watched from every part of the globe; throughout the 30 days of the festival, the city transforms into one solid “shop” with promotions, all types of discounts, deals, and so on. An open Schengen visa is essential to participate in person.


So, how can we live without the camel, which originated in the Arab world? Arabs adore camels so much that the capital hosts the Al-Dhafra festival every April. At the event, a unique beauty contest for camels is held, in which around thirty thousand animals compete.

Festival of Music “Rhythm of the Desert”

In the autumn, Dubai holds a music festival that draws thousands of visitors. By the end of October, preparations for the “Rhythm of the Desert” music event, which features a fusion of musical styles and trends such as Latin, Arabic, and African, begin. On the stage, several prominent performers from around the world can be present for the festival. The event brings together music and cultures from different continents all over the world.

“Desert rock festival”

The “Desert Rock Festival” in Dubai kicks off in the spring and lasts only a few days. A Schengen visa is required to enjoy the rhythms of the music and immerse yourself in the wild atmosphere of the event.

Among the most well-known festivals in Dubai are the following:

  • Dubai International Automobile Festival (Dubai Motor Festival);
  • Dubai Food Festival (Dubai International Film Festival);
  • Dubai Jazz Festival (Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival).

Holidays in Dubai

You could even to a side trek to check out dazzling Tollywood film festivals.

Holidays in Dubai

One of the UAE’s largest towns brilliantly combines elements of modern European culture with traditional Islamic traditions. As a result, each holiday combines a fascinating and exciting variety. The most spectacular event takes place on New Year’s Eve, which you can attend provided you have a Schengen visa. The city is ablaze with color, lights, and entertainment at this time of year. Thousands of people from all around the world gather in Dubai to enjoy the New Year’s Eve fireworks. Fireworks and volleys of various fiery forms and sizes are detonated from 25 nearby zones.