Find Out How to See Billie Eilish Live


A sign that the pandemic is on its way out is that things are starting to get planned again! We’ve been missing a lot of things the last year. One of them is going to concerts! It was devastating last year when basically every artist had to cancel their 2020 concerts.

But a year and a half later they are back on and we can start to mark our calendars again.

One of the most anticipated concert tours has got to be the teenage sensation Billie Eilish. We’ll admit, we may have gotten a bit overly excited when the Billie Eilish upcoming tour dates were released.

For the last few years, the world has grown more and more in love with this little musical superstar. Ever since she graced our Instagram as @wherearetheavocados, we can’t get enough. And not going to lie, we missed the ability to be able to see her perform live last year.

But finally, we can see our favorite musical superstar live in concert again! While the virtual events of the last year have been great and all, nothing quite beats going to see Billie live—where her energy literally electrifies the entire stadium.

Getting tickets for her concert is going to be a very competitive affair. People have so much pent-up demand to see Billie perform that you’re going to need to act fast to get your tickets. That’s why we have created the ultimate guide to help you find out how to see Billie Eilish live in concert!

1. Sign up for her newsletter

Seriously, be the first to know when a concert near you releases their tickets online! Visiting her website will allow you to sign up to receive communications from her, including when and where to see her perform live in concert. You’ll receive a handy email notification and will then be able to quickly follow the link to purchase on the spot!

2. Follow her social media

Billie is great at communicating with her fans. It is also a great place to get information about her music and upcoming concerts. Make sure to follow her Instagram specifically, as you’ll get notified as to when and where you can see her life along with hilarious posts to help pass the time before getting to see her live.

3. Visit her website

If you’re a fan, chances are you probably have Billie’s website as a favorite saved on your home browser. But in the very rare chance, you already don’t, we’re here to tell you that her website is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding out how to see Billie live. In fact, there are links directly to the platforms on which you can purchase the tickets online. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

4. Join fan pages

Billie’s fans seem to get information fast. And we mean really fast. So if you are wanting to be amongst the first to know when and where you can see Billie perform live in concert, we also suggest joining one of these fan groups. They share the inside scoop on what’s happening and, if a concert is sold out, these groups may be a way to get a ticket in the end if another fan isn’t able to go.

With these four ways to source out all the details regarding Billie’s upcoming tour schedules, you’ll always be ahead of the curve when it comes to purchasing tickets in a location near you. We can’t wait to have Billie in our lives in person again and to jump up and down to her epic tunes once again with other Billie fans.

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