Finding Hidden Gems in Your Own Home Town


As travelers, many of us try our best to adapt to the lay of the land, not to mention find out and explore a new area’s major attractions as well as its lesser known hidden hotspots.

But what about finding hidden gems in the place where you currently reside? When you start to look at your own city or town with the eyes of a traveler, an entirely new world might just open up to you.

Below, we go over ways to figure out things to do nearby that will have you singing a new tune about your hometown.

Search Online

Just about every major city in the world is going to have some sort of materials available online that will give you a glimpse of what each place has to offer. Many smaller towns will also have articles, write-ups, blogs, and other resources, like Tripening, that will let you know about live shows, things to do, places to eat, stores to shop at, outdoor activities, cultural events, and much, much more.

Use Social Media as a Tool

You can follow Facebook groups that post about towns and cities, not to mention things to do, hidden hotspots, and even connect with like-minded people in your area who might have some amazing input that will help you get to know the place where you live and its surrounding areas in an entirely different way.

Once you’re accepted into a group, contribute often, this way you can glean as much information as possible. You can post questions you might have as well as ask suggestions when it comes to cuisine, businesses, outdoor locations, and more.

Exploring Things to Do Nearby

Another way you can find out about hidden gem locations in your own area is through your own explorations. It might be a novel idea to strike out on foot one day to see what you can find. Like a field trip!

You can also take public transportation, which will help you better investigate your town or city, since being behind the wheel only affords you to notice so much about your surroundings. You might just discover some new gems by having someone else drive you around.

Ask Around

As you explore your own city a little more, connect with people along the way and ask for their suggestions about hidden gems in your area. You might just meet someone who has lived in your city for decades and knows all the ins and outs about all of the area’s coolest and most fun things to do. People love sharing their thoughts, opinions, and experiences, and you can also avoid places with bad reputations, since people also tend to voice their experiences to others — it’s called word of mouth advertising.

In the end, there are so many avenues that will help you explore your city or town, which will help garner new appreciation for the place you currently live. The only way you can steer yourself wrong is by doing nothing. As you explore your own city a little more, make sure to document the process!

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