Five reasons how GTA 5 has become a great game for mobile devices


Grand Theft Auto 5 is a game that represents a person who has so many missions to do to rule the mafia and the world. GTA 5 is the fifth edition of the Grand Theft Auto series. The most amazing thing is that GTA 5 has been introduced on mobile also, and people can now enjoy this game on their mobile phones also. GTA has introduced it on android as well as on ios, and you can download it from the respective application store of your device.  

This game was invented years ago, and this is one of the popular game in the world. In this game, there is a man who works for some mafia groups, and he has so many missions to complete which has been given by them. The man can do anything like he can get any vehicle, can kill any person, police will be behind him and so on. The game has designed on a real-life based person in which the rules are the same as we have in real. In GTA 5 mobile, you have the advantage of playing this game at any time and at anywhere. There are several benefits that this game gives to the people; let’s discuss them. 

Mobile games are cheap

If we compare mobile games to the games of computer, they tend to be cheap. The games you will buy for the computer will be expensive as in the computer; it needs big graphics memory and so many more things which the game requires. Plus, for some games, you have to buy CDs’ as these games are not available online. This game is a bit expensive for computers. If you see the price of this game, you will get to know that it is expensive and some people cannot even afford it. 

 On the mobile, you just have to download the game from the application store of your device. Some games are paid like GTA, but their cost is ten times less for mobile devices. Plus, in the mobile devices, you need not pay extra money for installing hardware in it to make it eligible for running this game like we have to do on the computers. 

Low-end PC players can play it on mobile

People who have low-end PC can finally enjoy playing this game on their mobile. Low-end PC here means the computers which are not able to meet the requirements of the games. GTA 5 is a big game, and your computer should be fully updated and should have some major hardware in it if you want to play the game in it. 

Those people need not worry as GTA 5 has launched this game on mobile devices also, and they can enjoy this game on that also. In mobile devices, they need not install some complex hardware for playing this game; the game will work on ordinary devices also.  

Can play GTA 5 in one go

After launching the game on mobile devices, the biggest advantage of this is that people can play this game at any time and anywhere. The game will be downloaded to your device, and you just have to click the icon, and your game will be in front of you in one go. Earlier, this was not possible, as people have to download this game first on their laptops or computers and then they have to install it and some other formalities were there which they have to complete. 

Besides this, they also have to make their computer eligible for playing this game as this game demands some hardware, like graphic cards, RAM, memory storage and so on. Mobile devices are all up-to-date these days, and they already have such things in them. So, accessing the game is easier on mobile devices.

GTA online mobile

You can now play GTA online on your mobile devices. The online version of this game has been introduced for computers only a few time back. You can play this game by visiting its official website of rockstar games, and you can play this game online. You need a strong internet connection for playing this game online as this is a big game and you have to fill its requirement for playing it. 

The online version of this game has been introduced for mobile devices also, and you can play this game online. This is beneficial for those people who do not have high-end mobile devices and for those people who don’t have enough money to buy this game. Plus, in the online version, they can save the game also like the downloaded one, and they will get all the benefits similar to the real one. 

 More player can know about the game

Launching GTA on mobile phones will allow so many players to know more about the game. Earlier, some people have devices like computers, and they don’t know much about the game as they have not seen anything like this. If they knew about the game, then they were not able to play the game because of the barrier of technology. 

Introducing this game on mobile has made it more popular, and more people started to know about it. This is because this game appears in the application store, and a person surfing the store will definitely check this out. The world of mobile devices has given this game hype, because of which it becomes more popular. 


GTA 5 is a futuristic game that has made its place in the world of mobile devices also. This game is very popular and is loved by all. Some of the benefits of introducing this game on mobile devices has been discussed above, which are Mobile games are cheap, Low-end PC players can play it on mobile and Can play GTA 5 in one go. These benefits will make you understand that playing this game on mobile is more beneficial than on the computer. 

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