Fortnite Party The Ultimate Gamer Experience


Attention gamers worldwide! Time to party all Fortnite! With all the rage surrounding the hit video game Fortnite, Vbucks have become like a second currency! Everywhere the eye can see is filled with Fornite players, emote dancers, and kids asking, “Where’re we dropping?”. It should come as no surprise then that Fortnite parties have become the latest trend in fiesta fun. People of all ages get together to chug Slurp Juice and get that Victory Royale!

Party Ideas

Fortnite is well known as a game that does not take itself too seriously. It’s full of colorful skins, goofy weapons, and infectious emote dances. Here are some Fortnite themed party ideas to bring a smile to the face of any gamer.

Slurp Juice

Fortnite’s health-restoring elixir doesn’t have to remain a fantasy. Make your own slurp juice by mixing blue energy drinks and lemonade. For the over 21s, maybe add a little something extra to kick it up a notch.

Nerf Battle

Since Fortnite’s surge in popularity, popular foam flinging manufacturer Nerf has been producing blasters in collaboration with Epic Games. The blasters are directly based off the weapons found in Fortnite and are sure to provide hours of dart shooting fun. Grab a couple of AR-L and Hand Cannon blasters for cheap and you have yourself a miniature warzone. It makes for good exercise too! As detailed by the Lakewood Scoop, services such as AirballingLA provide all the fun Nerf equipment rentals for your party and even have mobile paintball bunkers and smoke grenades to up the intensity.

Piñata Llama

Recreate Fortnite’s famous loot llama as a whackable piñata! Purchase one from the store for your party or craft one out of paper mache. Fill it with candy, Fortnite toys, and other loot to get that Victory Royale!


Why stop at Slurp Juice? Recreate countless items in Fortnite as tasty sweets. Make crispy rice medkits, or chug jug cupcakes! Or if you’re feeling really ambitious, try making the entire Fortnite map; as a cake! The party starts in the preparation!

Where do I get all this?


Making the delicious food and treats for the party is a festival in and of itself! Spend quality time with your loved ones shopping for the ingredients, and spend an afternoon baking and frosting your delicious treats.

Battle Equipment

It costs a small fortune to purchase all the required Nerf toys, darts, safety gear, and more for your party, so why not just rent a service to bring the party to you? As shown in the California Herald, services like Airballing LA will provide all the weapons, ammunition, and safety equipment you could need and even include fun extras. They have smoke bombs, mobile cover, and a referee/ Fortnite coach to bring the experience to the next level. Your and your friends can have the experience of a lifetime while letting someone else control the battle royale for you.


Fortnite is certainly much more than a video game. It’s become a widespread cultural phenomenon and lifestyle. A Fortnite party is the best way to spend time with your fellow enthusiasts while celebrating the game you all know and love.

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