Four challenges faced by healthcare individuals and how to face them


It’s not surprising that numerous students are pursuing fields in healthcare. The healthcare industry is expanding and offers great benefits to its employees. However, this does not mean that healthcare workers have a 100% job satisfaction rate. Just like all jobs, individuals in healthcare face their own set of challenges. As their work is to maintain the health of patients, challenges are likely to arise. However, you should do your best to remove these obstacles from your path, to lead a successful healthcare career.

As a result of workplace challenges, individuals can quickly lose interest in their jobs while also putting the lives of patients at risk for healthcare. So, it’s essential to face these challenges; after all, every challenge has its solution. Here are four of the most commonly encountered challenges by healthcare individuals and ways to avoid them.

Less career development

Regardless of your occupation, career development is vital to lead a successful life. However, many people working in the healthcare industry have faced a lack of career development opportunities. Advanced healthcare job standards are continually increasing, and employers are only choosing the most skilled individuals for such jobs. However, there aren’t too many workers that fit well with the expectations of employers. Especially new employees in healthcare have to wait for years to avail a career development opportunity.

Furthermore, healthcare facilities are also hesitant to provide the necessary skills to employees needed for career development. It’s quite costly for them. Hence, employees have to work on their own to gain these skills, which takes many years.

Undoubtedly, a lack of career development opportunities can halt you in your career path, making it a critical obstacle to avoid. One of the best ways to advance in your career is by getting an advanced education. Perhaps with a master’s degree in nursing and family nurse practitioner programs, you can unlock a wide range of previously inaccessible job opportunities. Moreover, you’ll also be able to impress employers with the advanced skills gained through this program. Furthermore, an online education program can make it easier for you to continue your job side-by-side, as you can learn at your own pace. So, make sure to enroll in an online msn fnp program to advance in your healthcare career.

Excessive workload

Healthcare jobs are known for the increased level of pressure on employees and stressful work situations. Their jobs deal with numerous patients’ lives, and even simple mistakes can lead to catastrophic consequences for patients. Due to a shortage of staff members, individual workers’ workload becomes excessive, making the job hard to handle. As a result, workers have to work until they are fully exhausted, often for hours. Overtime has mostly become a common thing in healthcare facilities while also being mandatory for many healthcare occupations. Too much work leads to decreased job satisfaction and higher turnover rates, where employees start to leave their jobs. After 2014, 87.8% of the entire workforce of the average hospital left their jobs. Moreover, healthcare workers’ physical and mental health is significantly harmed due to work overload, making them unable to handle their job effectively.

To avoid the problem of excessive workload, increasing employee recognition in the workplace is essential. As a result of increased recognition, workers will feel more appreciated for the work they do. Hence, they will be motivated to keep working, reducing turnover rates significantly, as 63% of recognized employees are less likely to look for new jobs. Moreover, mentorship programs can also help workers gain new skills, allowing them to work with more ease. However, working in teams is perhaps the best way to avoid work overload. It significantly reduces the workload on individual employees.

Lack of technological resources

In this modern age, technology surrounds almost every industry. Companies are eager to integrate new technology into their businesses. Similarly, the healthcare industry is also highly dependent on technology for its work, as it’s necessary for many procedures. However, despite the increasing dependence on technology, healthcare workers face a lack of technological resources. As a result, they cannot carry out many tasks that would be beneficial for medical procedures. Furthermore, workers cannot show their real performance due to a lack of access to technology. To make things worse, many healthcare facilities are also not offering training to use relevant technology.

To deal with this issue, healthcare facilities must invest in more technological resources. Not only will it increase employee productivity, but it will also help them work more efficiently. Moreover, students aspiring to work in healthcare fields should enroll in education programs that train them to use healthcare technology. However, healthcare facilities should also provide mentorship programs.

Low salary

While the healthcare industry is known for it’s highly paid workers, that’s often not the case, as many healthcare workers complain about low salaries. It may seem like they are receiving adequate wages. However, considering how work-intensive their jobs are, their wages are not enough to pay off their hard work. Consequently, their job satisfaction is significantly reduced, often making them discontinue their careers in healthcare. However, by increasing employee recognition, healthcare workers will feel motivated and appreciated, which will make them keep working. Moreover, building networks in the workplace can help individuals show their skills and gain promotions to jobs that offer better salaries.


Suppose you’re aspiring to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. In that case, you may face some of the challenges mentioned above. However, it’s worth noting that challenges are common in every job. It’s essential to meet them with determination instead of avoiding them. So, prepare yourself for these challenges and face them with the methods mentioned above. Only then will you be able to lead a successful career in healthcare.

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